Charrette Process Template

One of the roles of a Charrette Facilitator is to organize digital and physical resources prior to the event itself. The materials can be made available in a Googe Drive folder that is available to participants prior to the charrette.
Opening Attunement
Intro of Topic with Overview: Brief Presentation
Organize into small groups (one group for small charrettes is fine though remember that different constellations produce different results and the whole group will participate in the harvest and hear all of the ideas generated)
Rounds of 15- 30 minutes are a good way to chunk time for generative results
Some types of Rounds:
Generating lists of elements
Drawing relationships between elements
Locating elements on site maps
Harvest: The Harvest can be an iterative process between each Round, or it can be saved for the end of the charrette. If there are multiple tables and designs being worked on the whole group can visit to each. Conversely a central board or screen can be the point of focus for each group to report the harvest into.
Closing Round: Next steps to be shared from each person in a round.
Feedback: Creating opportunities for feedback on the experience and effectiveness of the charrette facilitation and process is an important part of the ongoing process.
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