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Managing up to get what you want and to give your boss what they need

A simple template to help you manager you boss better inspired by a Tweet thread from Wes Kao.
Most people waste their boss’ time. In this super insightful Tweet thread, Wes Kao talks about how you can manage your boss better. You heard that right! You manage your managinsier to get what you want. At the same time, your boss gets what they need.
One of the tips Wes talks about is making it clear to your boss when something is an FYI versus an action item your boss needs to take. If your boss needs to follow up with you on whether he or she needs to take an action, it slows everything down. Here’s a simple template to give your boss the right amount of context on the different tasks you’re working on. It sends Slack messages with an action item for your boss to do in order for you to complete your task:
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How to use this template with your boss

After you copy this template (click here
Copy doc
or Copy doc in the top right), you can integrate this doc with Slack (more on this later). Enter you boss’s email or Slack handle below after you’ve integrated with Slack.
Description of each column in this task list:
Task name - Main project or task you’re working on
Updates/Changelog - Timeline of updates you’ve made to the project, context/recommendations, etc.
Type - Dropdown indicates if the task is an “FYI” or if it requires your boss’ action
Notes on next action - A quick message you want to Slack to your boss with what they need to do
Slack preview - A preview of the Slack message that gets sent to your boss (you can hide this column to reduce clutter)
Send Slack - Sends over the message in the Slack preview column to your boss!
Your boss’s email or Slack handle:
Add task
Clear template
Task name
Updates / Changelog
Notes on next action
Slack preview
Send Slack
Client pitch deck
Needs Action
Approve pitch deck before I send it out tomorrow
Hi, I need this next action from you: Approve pitch deck before I send it out tomorrow. Related to this task: Client pitch deck
Research investor updates
Monthly report
Needs Action
Need access to GA to see traffic data
Hi, I need this next action from you: Need access to GA to see traffic data. Related to this task: Monthly report
Career goals
Needs Action
Intros to other people on other teams
Hi, I need this next action from you: Intros to other people on other teams. Related to this task: Career goals
TikTok strategy
There are no rows in this table

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