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Coda FAQ for No Code Founders

Frequently asked questions about Coda...and the answers to these questions for the No Code Founders community.

1. What is Coda and what can it be used for?

Coda is a platform that blends the power of spreadsheets, flexibility of docs, and utility of applications into one. Think of it as your all-in-one "doc" to get your work done.
So those are all great marketing words, but what is Coda, really? Coda is just a doc. When you are thinking of something to write, planning an event, or any project that requires coordination and collaboration between people, that's what Coda is for. Some people use Coda just to write their ideas in. Some use Coda to plan company-wide projects involving hundreds of employees. The answer is not what Coda is, but what Coda can become after you've learned the basic building blocks of tables, buttons, integrations (we call them Packs), and automations.
We are big believers in showing instead of telling. Take a look at the to see what Coda can be used for.

2. How does Coda work?

It starts with a blank doc. No words, numbers, or charts. Just a blank doc for you to start writing.
"Find freedom in the canvas" said the late Bob Ross. An empty canvas means infinite possibilities. If you are a big spreadsheet user, you will notice that Coda has a building block called tables. Once you add a table to Coda, you will quickly see the ability to structure your thoughts, corral your teammates, and be the savior your company is looking for.
Now to get from a blank canvas to a fully built out project management tool takes time. That's why there are . Some call Coda a "no-code" platform. Some call it "Google Docs on steroids." At the heart of it, Coda allows you to reimagine the tools you use every day to get work done. Don't like the customer issue tracking software your team is using? Take an existing , learn the of Coda, and you'll be on your way to building your own customer issue tracking software in no time.

3. What types of products and businesses use Coda?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes. 1-person consulting practices to large corporations. Read some examples

4. Does Coda integrate with any other tools?

Indeed we do, they are called . Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack are the most popular tools, but if you are an NBA fan, we've got a
for you too.

5. Can users take payments using Coda?

Not yet, but it's something we are actively working on (and we are taking feedback from our ).

6. Does Coda offer templates?


7. How much does Coda cost?

It's all on the , but basically there's a generous free tier, then $12/mo for extra Packs (integrations) and automations, then $36/mo for even more Packs, automations, and features. Paying annually also gives you a small discount on these two plans ($10/mo and $30/mo, respectively).

8. What is included? (Building tools, Hosting, email, graphics, resources, SEO, Analytics, Support etc.)

Packs (integrations), automations, and the ability to send data between docs. Plus our support team is always ready to tackle your most complicated formula questions.

9. Does Coda offer custom domains?

Not right now, but something is coming out early 2020 that will give you something similar :).

10. How to get started with Coda

After , check out the to get a guided tour of how to get started. Also, YouTube:

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