Ataharul Chowdhury, PhD

Professional Affiliations

My professional affiliations are crucial to my career growth. I engage with esteemed organizations and industry networks, where I exchange ideas, best practices, and knowledge. These connections are instrumental in my professional development, helping me stay
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The Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE), established in 1984, is a professional organization for agricultural and extension educators who share a common goal of strengthening agricultural and extension education programs and institutions worldwide.
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The International Association for Media and Communication Research - IAMCR - is the preeminent worldwide professional organisation in the field of media and communication research.
IAMCR aims to support and develop media and communication research throughout the world. It particularly encourages the participation of emerging scholars, women and those from economically disadvantaged regions.
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Founded in 1980, the CCA is a national, bilingual organization that brings together teachers, researchers, and professionals from the public and private sectors to promote the investigation of communication, media and technology-relevant issues in Canada, and around the world. CCA members conduct, publish and publicize research in many topic areas.
The conference is normally held during the Congress, a gathering of scholarly associations from across the country. This typically takes place between late-May to early-June at a Canadian university.


Founded in 1993, ESAC is a non-profit, federally incorporated, bilingual organization. Our members are located across Canada and beyond, and hold roles within education, government, private, and non-profit sectors. ESAC members research, teach, work, and advocate within a multidisciplinary field that investigates, educates, guides, supports, and acts upon human-environment relationships.
The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) was established in 1989 to contribute to the revitalization and sustainability of rural Canada through collaborative research for rural leaders in the community, private sector, and in all levels of government. CRRF works to create credible insights and to improve our understanding of issues and opportunities that are of common interest to rural residents across Canada.

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