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Research & Consumer Insights Internship

What you do

Online research: Find interesting data (both current and longer-term) from reading news and media publications & researching topics that are likely to capture the attention of readers
Content (co-)design and creation of data visualisations and infographics with Power Point and Figma
Support with writing and editing report and marketing content
Independently execute industry, country, company, or brand research projects
Data cleaning and preparation with Google Sheets or Excel
Quality assurance of market analyses and reports
General administrative support of our team

Who you are

Motivation to learn new tasks and topics
Interest in business analysis, especially concerning comparative strategic analysis
Structured, organised, and independent working style with attention to quality and detail and a high degree of reliability
Effective copywriter: Able to communicate clearly and simply in a way that captivates readers (with strategic use of AI writing tools and competitor playbooks)
Curious about data and working across a range of industries
Interest in turning insights into concise and comprehensible content for readers
Confident handling data in Excel or Google Sheets and comfortable utilising graphs for different data
Availability to work 15–20 hours/week (with flexible working hours)

Research assessment

💼 Part 1: Layoffs (1.5 hr)

An infographic on hires vs layoffs at big tech and local companies. This will be joint with a writeup in "The Open Letter" about how big tech made bets that post covid world, adoptions will continue to rise, and well it didn't hence lay offs.
The interesting thing is, if you check google, Microsoft, facebook, twitter etc, they all hired more people than normal last two years. MS as example hired 100k in two years, now they laying off 10k, so 90k still got jobs.
Locally thinking about using Luno and Yoco as example. There is this feature on LinkedIn where you can see employee numbers on LinkedIn over time, its not 100% accurate, but hoping one can draw a comparison. Luno and Yoco made bets that didn't come off.

What you need to do:
Find data on layoffs in tech - use for global tech
Possible data points
Company laying off
Number layoffs per company
Layoffs per region
Layoffs as % headcount
Layoffs by revenue or funds raised
Put data in Google sheet or table
Create visualisation of layoffs in Africa vs world
Think of an insight that contextualises layoffs in an African context by writing a draft LinkedIn post
Graded on:
Resourcefulness in finding data + Accuracy of data and linking to sources (just a link)
Visual approach to making the comparison - what do you focus on and how do you illuminate?
Insight: Do you have an interesting angle?

🖼️ Ideas


💻 Part 2: Talent arbitrage (2 hr)

On 23 Jan, I did a LinkedIn post about global minimum wage and talent arbitrage in Africa. I want to do a follow-on from this post by showcasing all the US, EU, UK companies that are using African labour. The focus for the task is research and finding data. What I want to know;
How many people in Africa are working for EU, US, UK companies
How many companies are there doing it
Are they employed or contracted
Ballpark: How many in SA, Nigeria, Kenya and francophone countries
Difference in earnings between: Local job market rate, EU/US/UK rate for same job
Find above and put into Google Sheet with sources
Graded on:
Resourcefulness of finding info
Ability to synthesise different data into cohesive stats
Sources: Companies I know do it:
Activant capital
Maybe look for people living in Africa but who's company is HQ'd in US, UK, EU

💸 Part 3: Cost of living comparison (1.5 hr)

Simple piece which illuminates the cost differences of certain products around the globe.
Use as your source and compare the cost of 1 or 2 product/s across different geographies.
Select product/s to compare
Select geographies to compare
Put chosen data in google sheet
Create visual comparison
Max 140 word linkedin post with an interesting angle about the comparison
Graded on
Selection of data and angle to support choice in post

Useful resources

for design and full control
Slides: , powerpoint, Google slides
More advanced graphics:
- finding contacts and companies
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