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FABS proposal for Givaudan

Project: Fabulous FABS


This research proposal aims to conduct 4 research activities to understand the South African market's perceptions, behaviours, and attitudes towards flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABS). The research will focus on
Current FABS consumers to gain insights into their purchasing decisions, pain points, and overall repertoire
How FABS can recruit consumers from other alcohol categories
The role of alcohol by volume (ABV) in a consumer's purchase decision.
How external factors have influenced consumer purchasing and drinking behaviour in the past 24 months.
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Yazi proposes 4 research activities that will run for a total of 8 weeks. The research activities work together to provide a in-depth look into perceptions, views and behaviours of consumers as they interact with FABS.
(1) Profiling Survey
Objective: Gain an understanding of the behaviour influence and attitudes regarding FABS and uncover sub-segements
Sample Size: 3,000 (1,000 for each FAB segment)
(2) Diary Study Objective: Understand FABS interactions over the course of 3 weeks in greater detail.
Sample Size: 900 (300 for each FAB segment)
(3) Video Recording
Objective: Gather in-depth data about respondents’ behaviours, attitudes and influences regarding FABS through observation.
Sample Size: 60 (20 respondents from each segment)
(4) Stack-Rank Survey (modelled after psychographic tests)
Objective: Uncover preferences that each segment has in tailored scenarios. This survey mimics that of a personality or psychographic test where respondents might feel torn between one option and another but ultimately have to choose an answer that they resonate with most
Sample size: 1,500 (500 respondents from each segment)


The following audience is proposed for each of the 3 segments
Mainly FABS
Mix of FABS and ABVs
Future FABS
51% - 100% FABS drinker as % of alcohol consumption
1% - 50% FABS drinker as % of alcohol consumption
Consumes alcohol 5+ times per month (not FABS)
Household Income (per month)
R4k - R8k : 30%
R8k - R15k : 30%
R25k + : 40%
R4k - R8k : 30%
R8k - R15k : 30%
R25k + : 40%
R4k - R8k : 30%
R8k - R15k : 30%
R25k + : 40%
18 - 30 : 40%
31 - 40 : 30%
40+ : 30%
18 - 30 : 40%
31 - 40 : 30%
40+ : 30%
18 - 30 : 50%
31 - 40 : 30%
40+ : 20%
Male : 50%
Female : 50%
Male : 50%
Female : 50%
Male : 50%
Female : 50%
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Managing respondents

Communication with respondents and all data collection will come through WhatsApp. Respondents will be informed about future research activities and their associated incentives after completing the profiling survey. For the diary study research activity, respondents will be awarded a higher incentive for completing entries for 3 weeks in a row compared to those who only submit 1 or 2 entries.


The market research will produce the following deliverables:
A report summarising the research findings and insights.
A presentation highlighting the key findings and recommendations.
An interactive dashboard that visualises the data and allows for further analysis. And a segmentation dashboard that identifies sub-segments based on attitudes and behaviours towards FABs.
Raw responses in Excel or CSV file
Graphed results in Yazi’s webapp
Video: All videos of respondents; A compilation video of each question; A compilation of all video answers - summarising and highlighting the most noteworthy points and people
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Goal or Outcome

This quantitative and qualitative study will provide insights into how FABS fit into the overall repertoire of current consumers. The results will help identify the occasions and factors that influence the purchase and consumption of FABS, the role of FABS in the consumers' overall beverage preferences, and the potential for brand loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. These insights will enable you to optimise your FABS products and marketing strategies and enhance the overall customer experience.

Question Topics

Profiling existing behaviours
Push-pull factors for FABS consumption
Decision-making around FABS
Where FABS fits into drinking repertoires
Non-FAB drinkers and FABS
Changes in consumer purchasing and drinking behaviour

Notes on Research Methodologies

Profiling survey in WhatsApp

It is important that a large sample is initially surveyed as we anticipate some drop-off in future research activities from some of the respondents.
Each survey will contain 15-22 questions. Mostly multiple choice, multi-select questions to profile behaviour and attitude with a few open text questions

Diary study or longitudinal data collection

This data collected will be a mixture of qualitative and quantitative
It will only be available to a select 300 people per segment
It will capture:
Consumption of FABS & ABVS - how much and the details of where & when [multiple choice, open text, video, pictures]
Decision-making process and factors
Marketing encounters throughout the week
Advice, feedback and proactive thoughts about what would influence them more
Mitigating bias - Respondents will not be incentivised more if they say that they have consumed or purchased a a high metric of FABS. Respondents are only incentivised for the entry itself.

Video Response survey

6-12 questions to each respondent that will require a video response of 30sec - 2 min in length
Long-form responses about their experiences with FABS
Sample of respondents will be representative within segments - people who consume a little - a lot

Stack rank or “Would you rather survey”

Each survey will contain 15-22 questions, mostly multiple choice, multi-select questions
Respondents are presented with bundles of different scenarios and product features and forced to choose the option they most resonate with. This technique enables us to quantify the value of features/product attributes by proposing similar scenarios but at different price points. The broad focus areas are:
Social influence (perceptions)
Event or scenario influence
Product feature influence
Price influence
Marketing influence


The proposed market research will provide valuable insights for the FAB company to understand their target audience's preferences, attitudes, and behaviours towards FABs. The research will enable the FAB company to develop more effective marketing and sales strategies that resonate with their target audience.

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