Arvind KC (he/him)

Principles I believe in
Seek fulfillment which often comes through hard choices vs. pleasure which comes through easy choices.
Love, service to others and mastery are the main motivators in life. Work is an excellent conduit for all three.
Always be learning. You start aging when you stop learning or when the curve flattens.
Don't trade health for wealth and then wealth for health. In other words, work with intensity but not at the cost of good sleep and exercise.
Money is overrated. It is needed until a certain point but after that other factors determine happiness.
In each situation, seek what you can give and not what you can get.
Be deeply grateful for the opportunity that you have.

Long term crafts that I pursue mastery in
I see myself as a technologist and as an organization builder and these are crafts that I deliberately practice. Specific to technology, I find time every day to learn something, understand a hard concept and to write some code. To deepen my organization building skills, I read extensively, spend time with other leaders understanding their mental models and regularly introspect and journal.

Things that I am getting better at
Currently, I am focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as I think AI will be central to many things in our lives over the next 20 years. I am also working on becoming a motorcycle rider, a skill that requires me to improve my focus, mental calmness and physical strength.

My view of leadership
I believe the main role of a leader is to enable people to rise to their highest potential. In that process you reach your highest potential. I wrote a more detailed article on how I have done it or seen good leaders do it
My approach to managing time and information overload
I believe and constantly experiment with different ideas to foster this in my team. Among my laundry list of rules, the following have had maximum success:
Email/Meetings & all other forms of communications should be chunked so you can create large undistributed empty blocks for your core job.
Limit work in process. We are all starters but not finishers. By limiting work in process, you force completion.
Don't move from high quality work to low quality breaks. A professional athlete does not indulge in fast food after a strenuous workout. So, after working on something hard, relax with high quality breaks.

Family stuff
I live in Menlo Park with my wife who also happens to be my high school sweetheart. Like me, she pursues a life of learning and self-improvement. Five years ago, Kyara, my god child also came into our lives. Some (goofy) pictures of the three of us below

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