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Better habits for future - A lesson from pandemic
Better habits for future - A lesson from pandemic

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I have chosen to work on choice 1 - Given the current pandemic scenario, create a product that helps create better habits of people for a better world i.e. healthier living / well being (or in any other way).

🔍 Problem

As the 2nd wave raged we saw our system completely left in shambles. We can divide the major causes into 3 categories -
Operational Problems - This includes the unavailability of basic resources like testing units, beds, medicines etc. This is a more supply chain problem
Unavailable Data - As our supply chains failed a lot of people started personally helping out people in there vicinity but we didn’t have any data on whom to target, who is exactly more vulnerable and in a lot more danger. This increased the constraint on our supply chains even more
Delayed Self Diagnosis - People tend to take there personal health not too seriously and thus a component of self care in much more medical and health sense does not exist
For the relevance to the given problem and statement I am going to focus on the 3rd problem and try to solve it

🤿 Deep Dive

Let us now focus much more into the problem at hand. Why do our user set behave this way. I hypothesise that this is due to the innate nature of humans to be unable to see the future with a negative light. This stops people from assessing their current situation correctly. Late self diagnosis leads to a higher risk of fatality and higher dependence on the system. The concept of self care is really necessary to be implemented

📋 Solution

The obvious solution is to reward users for self diagnosis and personal health care. As our users tend to have a short term vision it is important to give them instant brownie points for short term goal completions. This brings us to 2 major questions - What are the rewards & what are goal completions. Let’s answer these questions first -
Rewards - The most obvious rewards in the given context could be cashbacks on consultations, lab tests, medical bills etc. Deep diving more into it with more user data we can provide better health covers on their health insurances, redemption of points on payment of premiums. The product with more data can also provide much earlier remedies for users i.e. what courses to follow
Goal Completions - This is a tricky part but we can introduce a score system. The scoring is done via our partner doctors based on test results and course completions. To give more understanding of validation procedure and scoring systems here is a step-by-step userflow for a new user
Self Diagnosis by filling forms / doing exercises set up by doctors to give them an initial set of insights of your health status and what kind of disease you could be going through
Book an appointment with respect to the diagnosis done by the app
Doctor gives a set of test
Book a test from our labs at discounted rate
Doctor prescribes you a course (includes both medicines + exercise + things not to do)
App helps you follow courses via notifications and exercise videos
Give user notifications and give small points
Re-take tests & share results with doctor
Doctor can give you a score after course completion and your final test or suggest another course based on new report
CONGRATS 🎉 you got your first score. The app gives you some point which you can use for exciting cashbacks and a baseline health score which you can improve
The app suggests new set of test + course to improve your score and gain better points

As a final version we try to convert the use from labs from just diagnosing to getting deeper insights for a better life and excelling health
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