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Better habits for future - A lesson from pandemic
Better habits for future - A lesson from pandemic

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📱 Product

🩺 Self Diagnosis

Will include exercises + forms set up by doctors
This is to better screen doctor search and save doctor time via present data
This can be setup via a chat bot as it is easier to extract data via conversation than boring forms
Future versions will be able to effectively diagnose patients with well trained data models

👩‍⚕️ Doctor Consultation

Simple practo like booking system of doctors on discounted rates (during growth period)
We could also use doctors as a conversion point. They can lead the traffic onto app

🔬 Get Test Done

Book a test from your nearest lab at discounted rates
Samples collected from home if being present is not necessary
Get home tests done too

📋 Reports

Lab generates report and shares it with the user
Our report simplifier, simplifies the report for our users so they get a better understanding of their health
You can further choose to share the report with your doctor. Can have auto share on with consulting doctor

📘 Medical Courses

Includes medicines + exercises + diets to be followed by the user based on their reports
Set up by doctors, nutritionists, fitness pros and other healthcare professionals with an expectation to give you better results with next set of reports
App gives timely notification to keep the user in track and takes feedback on the health
There are two reasons a user takes these course - Treatment (for users with illness) and Betterment (for treated patients looking for bettering themselves)

🎖️ Scoring + Points

Scoring done via your consulting doctor based on your performance, final lab tests & your general health
App dispatches points based on your performance
Redeem these points to get exciting rewards

🚀 Growth

🌟 Rewards

Most obvious redemption will be on services that we are already providing like doctor consultation and lab results
Other health related benifits can be given like discount on medical bills, better health covers & fitness product sales
Finally completely unrelated items like ecommerce cashbacks (amazon, flipkart), mobility discount coupons( & food coupons

👨‍👩‍👦 Family Plan

Set up for the purpose of family based tracking of a course and health reports (eg - Generally parents are complicit regarding course completion. Children can thus track and view their progress)
This gives us a more thorough data on genetic connections for different diseases and general health behaviour
Unlock awesome rewards for your whole family

🤝 B2B Partnerships

🧪 Pathology Labs

Integral part of the whole scoring system & value proposition to our user
Involved in report generation

👨‍⚕️ Doctors

Involved in consultation and onboarding new customers for test booking
Involved in scoring and point allocation among users
Critical in course generation for treatments

💊 Pharma Companies (Aggregators)

Part of our reward / point redemption system
Part of the medical courses set up by the doctors in form of prescription

💵 Health Insurance

As the aim of the product is to assemble health data & improve health habits it will be much easier to get better deals and cover on health insurances
Part of the reward / point redemption system

💪 Fitness Experts

Provide products for the betterment & fitness courses
Part of the reward / point redemption system
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