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Arsh's Product Portfolio

Through the myriad of problems and some solutions to them
Hey everyone 👋 ! This is Arsh Akhtar Ansari, a product enthusiast form India. I graduated from IIT Bombay in 2020 and had the privilege to work in some interesting firms after my college. You can checkout my past experiences in my resume
Here are few projects/case studies for devising solutions based upon the problems that I came across while scraping through internet or interacting with people. So here we go

Arsh Akhtar Ansari

Associate Product Manager

Product Manager

Startup Enthusiast

Currently looking for exciting opportunites.

🔄 - solving user promotions

📞 Weekday - Intro call as a service

☀️ Solar Square - Exploring new growth & monetization avenues

📝 Govt exam prep insurance

📶 Recur Club Cashflow Manager

💳 Vendor payment corporate cards

🗣️ Google Translate

📖 Exploring CBC model & its future in education

⚒️ Building for Construction Workers : UX case study

🩸 Menstrual Wellness in India

📈 Edureka 6 month growth plan

🚍 zingbus App Breakdown

🌡️ Better habits for future - A lesson from pandemic

Rehook is a user promotion management platform making it super easy for online sellers to implement offer for their users. In this doc, I devised features that would improve rewards usage, end user engagement & deployment time. Check out the document

Weekday is a tech talent acquisition platform. In this document, I ideate a solution to automate the first intro call made to the candidate saving the time for the HR manager. Check out the document
In this document, I analyze the current sales, financing, and retention strategies of another residential installation startup, identifying problems and proposing potential solutions. Check out the document
With only 7.22 lakhs selected out of 22 crore available candidates, Indian govt exams leads to one of the highest opportunity lost in the world. In this study
we look at possible solutions to get this aspirants placed in pvt sector

Recur Club is an up & coming startup which is trying to revolutionize fund raising for high growth businesses by constructing an asset using their MRR or ARR. Following is an experiment of a crucial product that the company can delve into which could be a huge delight for their core customers and also can help us avail a gold mine of data. Have a look

Ontop is a startup based out of singapore helping companies go remote completely thus increasing opportunites for both candidates and companies. Here is my take of how they can solve a very relevant problem in the space of vendor payments. Have a look

Here is a PRD where me & my teammates from Breaking into Product Management course try to implement translate in gmail. Have a look
The purpose of this exercise is to define & find ways to improve different metrics for a cohort based course(CBC). This also acted as a self reflection to members as we were part of CBC too. Read our case study

This is an attempt on designing solution for various organizational problems that arises commonly in construction industry. We designed the solution on all 4 layers - conceptual, information, visual & then interaction. Have a look at our take

Made an attempt to build a solution for the massive problem of menstrual wellness specifically PCOS cure in India. Read more about

Built a 6 month growth plan for Edureka one of the leading ed tech company focused on professional upskilling space. Built experiments around both lateral & vertical thinking . Read more about it

zingbus is an uprising mobility startup in India trying to solve the bus space in the nation. In this study I tried to breakdown the good, bad & all the interesting stuff that can be explored. Read more about it

Here is an attempt to bring in a behavioural change among high risk health users to improve their health via exclusive rewards & gamification methodologies. Looking back this is what diabetes & PCOS related firms are aiming for. Found this interesting? Read more about it

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