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Arquitetura de Sistemas de Software, Marco Mendes

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- Uma lista de estilos arquiteturais comuns
- Linha do tempo de estilos e padrões arquiteturais
- A diferença entre estilos, padrões arquiteturais e desenho

Artigos sobre Arquiteturas Modulares de Monolitos

Artigos sobre Estilos de n-Camadas

Arquiteturas Limpas e DDD

- Conceitos básicos sobre o estilo DDD
- Modelos de Domínios Anêmicos

Arquitetura de Microsserviços

- Padrões Arquiteturais e Projeto para Microsserviços
- Análise de Domínios, Contextos Limitados, DDD Tático e Identificação de Microsserviços
- Anti-padrão (inveja de microsserviços)

Arquiteturas Orientadas por Eventos

Dentro de arquiteturas orientadas a eventos, temos o produto Kafka e alguns recursos da empresa Confluent relacionados ao assunto:
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Arquiteturas de Nuvens

Representação de Arquiteturas

Documentação Leve de Arquiteturas com Registro de Decisões Arquiteturais

Videos sobre Estilos e Representação Visual de Arquiteturas

🚀 The Art of Visualising Software Architecture (Simon Brown)
❗️ATTENTION ❗️ Registration to DevTernity is running: 👉 Ask somebody in the building industry to visually communicate the architecture of a building and you'll be presented with site plans, floor plans, elevation views, cross-section views and detail drawings. In contrast, ask a software developer to communicate the software architecture of a software system using diagrams and you'll likely get a confused mess of boxes and lines. I've asked thousands of software developers to do just this over the past decade and continue to do so today. The results from these software architecture sketching workshops still surprise me, anecdotally suggesting that effective visual communication of software architecture is a skill that's sorely lacking in the software development industry. Of course, as an industry, we do have the Unified Modeling Language (UML), but asking whether this provides an effective way to communicate software architecture is often irrelevant because many teams have already thrown out UML in favour of much simpler boxes and lines diagrams. Abandoning UML is one thing but, perhaps in the race for agility, many software development teams have lost the ability to communicate visually. This talk explores the visual communication of software architecture based upon my experience of working with software development teams across the globe. We'll look at what is commonplace today, the importance of creating a shared vocabulary, diagram notation, the value of creating a model plus how to use tooling and static analysis techniques to automate diagram generation.
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Munich .NET Meetup: Modular Monolith Architecture - One to rule them all
This is the recording of the meetup ********************************************* Details ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them". Entering the microservice architecture has been going on for quite a few years. The false start we've made in IT adopting a distributed system architecture without legitimate architectural drivers hurts many development and maintenance teams to this day. History repeats itself, which is why the infamous "Monoliths" return to favor. Is monolithic architecture really bad? The presentation will discuss Modular Monolith - the younger brother of the monolith, who cares about the good name of monolithic architecture. The main attributes of such a system as modularity will be discussed - how to achieve and enforce them. Moreover, we will talk about architectural drivers - when to stay in monolith architecture and when to split it into separate services. During the session, one of the ways to design a Modular Monolith will be presented, in line with the best practices and design patterns. Bio ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Architect, Team Leader and programmer, associated with .NET technology for over 12 years. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology Computer Science with a specialization in Software Engineering. Supporter of the Software Craftsmanship, Agile, automation, Clean Code approach and pragmatic problem solving according to their class. Enthusiast of topics related to software architecture and system design. Enthusiast and practitioner of Domain-Driven Design. The promoter of Modular Monolith architecture and high-quality object-oriented programming. He describes his thoughts and conclusions on his blog and Twitter: @kamgrzybek. He works in ITSG Global company, whereas an architect, programmer and consultant is responsible for software development for companies from the financial, medical and Big Data industries. Privately - a husband, father of his beloved daughter, owner of an unruly dog, runner-amateur and enthusiast of self-improvement living according to the Socrates motto - "I know that I know nothing." Agenda ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17:45 Virtual doors open 18:00 Welcome note and introduction 18:15 Modular Monolith Architecture by Kamil Grzybek 19:15 Q&A 20:30 End of event!
Five Things Every Developer Should Know about Software Architecture • Simon Brown • GOTO 2020
This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia November 2020. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia Simon Brown - Creator of C4 Software Architecture Model & Author of "Software Architecture for Developers" @simonbrown4821 ABSTRACT The software development industry has made huge leaps in recent years, yet software development teams are often more chaotic than they are self-organizing, with the resulting code being more of a mess than was perhaps anticipated. Successful software projects aren't just about good code, and sometimes you need to step away from the IDE for a few moments to see the bigger picture. This aimed at software developers who want to learn more about software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility [...] TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 00:25 1. Software architecture isn't about big design upfront 10:24 2. Every software team needs to consider software architecture 12:35 3. The software architecture role is about coding, coaching & collaboration 17:31 4. You don't need to use UML 24:32 5. A good software architecture enables agility Download slides and read the full abstract here: Check out our upcoming masterclasses with Simon Brown here: RECOMMENDED BOOK Simon Brown • Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2 • #SoftwareArchitecture #Architecture #C4Model #Backend #Culture #Agility #AgileSoftwareDevelopment Looking for a unique learning experience? Attend the next GOTO conference near you! Get your ticket at SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - new videos posted almost daily.
Visualising software architecture with the C4 model - Simon Brown, Agile on the Beach 2019
In Simon Brown's talk at AOTB 2019 he explores the visual communication of software architecture based upon a decade of Simon’s experiences working with software development teams large and small across the globe. He looks at what is commonplace today, the importance of creating a shared vocabulary, diagram notation, and the value of creating a lightweight model to describe your software system using the “C4 model”, which he created as a way to help software development teams describe and communicate software architecture, both during up-front design sessions and when retrospectively documenting an existing codebase. It’s very likely that the majority of the software architecture diagrams you’ve seen are a confused mess of boxes and lines. Following the publication of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development in 2001, teams have abandoned UML, discarded the concept of modelling and instead place a heavy reliance on conversations centered around incoherent whiteboard diagrams or shallow “Marketecture” diagrams created with Visio. Moving fast and being Agile requires good communication, yet software development teams struggle with this fundamental skill. A good set of software architecture diagrams are priceless for aligning a team around a shared vision and for getting new-joiners productive fast. Visit for more information about the premier annual Agile conference. BIOGRAPHY Simon is an independent consultant specialising in software architecture, and the author of “Software Architecture for Developers” (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility). He is also the creator of the C4 software architecture model, which is a simple approach for creating maps of your code. Simon is a regular speaker at international software development conferences, travelling the world to help organisations visualise and document their software architecture.
Software Architecture for Developers Part 2/2 • Simon Brown & Stefan Tilkov • GOTO 2021
This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. #GOTOcon #GOTOBookClub Simon Brown - Author of "Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2" @simonbrown4821 Stefan Tilkov - Co-founder & Principal Consultant at INNOQ @stefantilkov8355 PART 1: DESCRIPTION Software architecture concepts will help software developers not only advance their careers but also do a better job in their current work. Simon Brown, the creator of the C4Model talks to Stefan Tilkov about why software architecture is something that every developer should understand, how the C4 Model can help with that and why diagrams are so useful in software development. The interview is based on Simon's book "Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2": TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 00:48 The C4 model 06:26 The difference between UMLs & the C4 model 11:11 Should UMLs be part of a CS education? 15:29 How to keep diagrams in sync with your code? 20:24 How to visualize software diagrams & documentation? 25:39 Resources for developers getting into architectural work 27:06 Outro Read the full transcription of the interview here: Check out our upcoming masterclasses with Simon Brown here: RECOMMENDED BOOKS Simon Brown • Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2 • Mark Richards & Neal Ford • Fundamentals of Software Architecture • Gregor Hohpe • The Software Architect Elevator • Michael Keeling • Design It! • George Fairbanks • Just Enough Software Architecture • Nick Rozanski & Eoin Woods • Software Systems Architecture • Peter Coad, Eric Lefebvre & Jeff de Luca • Java Modeling In Color With UML • Eric Evans • Domain-Driven Design • Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh & Ivar Jacobson • The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual • Nick Tune & Jean-Georges Perrin • Architecture Modernization • #SoftwareArchitecture #C4Model #SimonBrown #StefanTilkov #AgileManifesto #Structurizr #INNOQ #SoftwareArchitect #Programming #Design #UML #Diagrams SUPPORTER This episode of the GOTO Book Club was made possible thanks to the support of Created for developers, by developers, the GOTO event series goes beyond annual conferences held in Chicago, Amsterdam and Copenhagen: you can also join online conferences, online masterclasses and meetups with top creators and leaders in tech year-round. And if joining one of these top-rated events isn't enough to satisfy your hunger for the latest in tech, you can watch over a thousand high-quality talks on the GOTO YouTube channel — subscribe now for new videos released (almost) daily and join GOTO in person or online at any upcoming conferences using the promo code ‘bookclub’. Looking for a unique learning experience? Attend the next GOTO conference near you! Get your ticket at SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - new videos posted almost daily.

Exemplos de Códigos Com Estilos e Padrões Arquiteturais

- Projeto com amostra de microsserviços .NET multiplataforma e aplicativo baseado em contêiner Docker que é executado em Linux ,Windows e macOS. Desenvolvido por .NET 6, Docker Containers e Azure Kubernetes Services. Suporta Visual Studio, VS para Mac e ambientes baseados em CLI com Docker CLI, dotnet CLI, VS Code ou qualquer outro editor de código.
- Arquitetura limpa com .NET6, C#10 e React+Redux. Casos de uso como estrutura de organização central, completamente testável, desacoplado de frameworks. Projeto mantido pelo arquiteto brasileiro Ivan Paulovich
- Padrões arquiteturais de microsserviços implementados em Java EE. Escrito por Chris Richardson, autor do livro Microservices Patterns.
- Código fonte do site do techtribes
- Aplicação com monolitos modulares e uso de DDD
- Demo do padrão de arquitetura explícita
- Guia de DDD e Arquitetura Hexagonal

Recursos Gerais de Arquitetura de Software

- Portal de artigos de arquitetura do autor Martin Fowler
- Guia de uso na notação C4
- Livros e recursos gratuitos do portal de arquitetura da Microsoft
- Padrão de arquiteturas ágeis do OpenGroup
- Catálogo de livros de arquitetura de software

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O que acontece quando você clica no botão Play do Netflix?
Arquitetura FlickR - Armazenamento de 2 Bilhões de Fotos

Ferramentas de Modelagem de Arquiteturais

Visual Paradigm
Modelagem C4 ou UML

Arquitetura Corporativa

Guia de arquitetura ágil do Open Group
8.2 MB
Exemplo de Projeto ArchInsurance com o Uso da Ferramenta ArchiTool (gratuita)
175.6 kB
Explicação do Projeto ArchInsurance em Documento (português Brasil)
ArchInsurance v2 - Em Portugues.pdf
ArchInsurance v2 - Em Portugues.pdf
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