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Bagkok RI - Customer Details App

This document provides details required to understand/use the App


A simple m-Site which lets users check the Customer Details like Booking Count, Last Booking Source etc. by inputting his Mobile Number into the App.


Go to the , Input the Mobile No. and press the “Get Details” Button
Note: The Country Code “+66” is already prefixed
Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 10.24.24 AM.png
When Details are fetched successfully
Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 10.21.21 AM.png
When the Data does not exist for the given Mobile No.

⌨️ The Backend Process

Daily at 11 AM, the App fetches data from the containing the customers’ Booking Data and stores it in internal Bubble Database.
If the Mobile No. is already present in the internal database, the record is updated.
If the Mobile No. does not exist in the internal database, a new record is created.
Whenever a user inputs a Mobile No. from the App, we query the Internal Database and return the required data.


If the Google Sheet contains duplicate values, there can be data mismatch. Currently in case of duplicate records, the topmost record is considered
If there is non-uniform format for identity (Mobile No.), the data will not be fetched.


The name for Google Sheet Tab (”Sheet1”) should not be changed, and the order of columns must remain the same.
The Format for identity (Mobile No.) should not be changed
If there are any changes being made in the App at any time, user will not be able to properly use the App as it will keep showing the message that the App has been updated. This is because we are using a development version of existing App that we are already paying Subscription for. We will have to take a new Subscription to deploy this on production with a new domain.

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