Arjé Cahn - Startup Product Coach

My passion is to help Impact Tech & B2B SaaS startups grow. I do this by coaching teams of founders and leveraging my own experience in the product strategy space. I'm also an angel investor, a partner at Shamrock Ventures and a wannabe forest ranger.
As a tech-founder-turned-Silicon-Valley-CPO, I’ve learned how to build and grow a great software product, build well oiled product teams, and to deliver business results. But hey - I’ve made many, many mistakes along the way. I’ve seen great ideas and great products fail badly, actually more often than not.
Over the years, I’ve developed an instinct for such product mistakes. I like to coach founders on their product strategy and help them go from feature-function based roadmaps to roadmaps that help scale the business.
I’ve learned and practiced pretty much any product management book, framework and tool. There are a couple that I’m particularly fond of, and I use these in the workshop sessions I facilitate for my startups.
As a former tech founder, I can relate to the tech side but believe that ultimately product needs to drive business metrics.
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Where I’m coming from

Studied Artificial Intelligence - in AI prehistoric time (1997)
Co-founded Hippo in 1999 together with my co-founders Jeroen Verberg and Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, taking on the CTO role
Grew the company to 100+ FTE, offices in AMS, BOS, SF
Acquired by Silicon Valley based Bloomreach in 2016
Moved to Palo Alto area, moved into Chief Product Officer role
Was part of the executive team that raised $150m and acquired a major CDP company in 2021
Grew Bloomreach to $2 bln+ valuation, 800 FTE, 2022
Moved on to become an angel investor, mentor and to maintain the family forest estate
Founding partner Shamrock Ventures, 2022
Highlighted angel investments
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Charles App
We connect retail to resale in 30 seconds.
Create, localise, and translate quality content with the top 3% of freelance content creators and customised AI tools. Helping brands worldwide to deliver content that performs at scale in an instant.
The platform for product subscriptions & recurring commerce.
Transform your product sustainability data into commercial results
Power your SaaS with Large Language Model using no-code collaboration tooling for prompt engineering, experimentation, operations, and monitoring.
Propeller is an API-first B2B commerce platform that changes the way your team and customers work together.

Shamrock Ventures

Together with the Shamrock Ventures team, I invest in The Netherlands-based pre-seed tech startups in the following key investment areas:
Circular economy
Sustainable mobility
Food & AgriTech
More information can be found on the .
Shamrock Investments - startups I coach
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Fruitpunch AI
Fruitpunch AI
Learn how to apply AI by solving real-world challenges
Nurtio Technologies provides sensors and software to continuously monitor indoor plant health and ensures a more efficient and sustainable practice in the traditional interiorscaping market.
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-06-12 om 14.45.24.png
Redistri is building Europe’s first autonomous road cargo management platform.
Tiny Library
Tiny Library
Tiny Library is a circular platform where you can rent your baby products safely and sustainably.
Akhil Sivanandan
CEO, Greenstory
Iryna van der Meij
CEO, Nurtio Technologies
Job Rietbergen
Arjé is an early investor/advisor to Alphadoc and he's proven to be very helpful. He has a lot of know-how about building products, both on the nitty-gritty technicality, as on the strategy side. His experience building scalable tech and ventures is tremendously useful, a true entrepreneur whom we love to work with!

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn:

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