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Property Management Lifecycle OVERVIEW

So you just bought your property in Greece and the transaction is complete - congratulations and welcome!

What will you do with your new house? Will you make it a home for yourself and/or family? Will you lease it to generate a passive income stream? Did you simply buy it to join the Golden Visa program? Not sure yet?
Any option is fine, but we find that the simple questions are where good answers live. So... is the property ready for your intended use?


Where do I begin?

A new property OWNER in Greece needs the following:
Legal Representation A lawyer will fully represent you using a signed PoA (Power of Attorney).
Tax Representation A certified chartered accountant will acquire a Greek Tax Identification Number (AFM) and will become the contact point for your tax obligations.
Medical insuranceInternational coverage insurance for the applicant and all family members has to be issued and renewed when necessary as a term of the Golden Visa regulations.

Once you have the above, you need to arrange the following for your PROPERTY in order to make your investment work:
Electricity - the new owner needs to proceed themselves (or by authorizing another person) with all the legal documents and apply for a new contract.
Licensed Electrician Certification/Electrician's Certificate is the obligatory inspection conducted in regular periods defined by the relevant law. Then the certificate has to be submitted to the Greek electricity distribution operator.
Water bills and contracts can be changed by filling an application and submitting the relevant documents. The owner has to apply himself or by authorizing another person.
Shared Expenses - this is common practice in Greece in order to divide building costs more equally among residents. For more details on shared expenses, you can review .
Maintenance - owners are responsible for minimum maintenance standards even if property remains vacant.

So where does Apollo Home fit in?

Well, we can take care of all of the above for you. Here is what we do to onboard our clients and prepare their properties for investment gains:
We visit your property and file all necessary details onsite - it’s a lot!
We discuss your investment goals and your preferred approach - long lease rental, subleasing, private use, etc.
After visiting, we evaluate the property and send you a report detailing its condition, along with recommendations for any improvements, touch-ups, etc. deemed necessary depending on your goals. Especially for leasing, we find that even minor works can make the difference in getting good tenants in fast and at the maximum rate for the location area.
We send you an official offer, listing all services and relevant fees. You can review at your leisure and sign online through a secure digital signature contract system.
When the management agreement is signed and necessary deposits are paid, we begin any required maintenance work, sourcing trusted technical partners at competitive market rates. Once these are complete, we send you a detailed report with photo evidence of all works done.


Listing property for lease

Now... let’s put your investment to work!
We arrange a professional photoshoot - for examples on how we showcase our properties, check
We begin promoting the property publicly on all relevant multiple listing services (MLS), as well as privately to our extensive client network in Greece and abroad.
We schedule viewings and evaluate prospective tenants’ financial background to determine a good match.
Once a match is found, we set the details of the leasing agreement, such as monthly rental, start date, duration, and other pertinent terms and arrange for timely signatures and key delivery.

Leasing the property

So the new tenant is in - what’s next?
We collect rent every month and every 4 or 6 months (depending on the management agreement terms), we forward the rentals to your bank account, withholding any property expenses as well as our service fee(s).
During the lease, we check every quarter or so to make sure that the tenancy is going smoothly (prompt payer of rent & shared expenses, acceptable neighborly behavior, etc.) and your property remains in good shape.
We maintain contact with the tenants and building administrators, fielding calls about shared expenses, property improvements and occasional maintenance requirements - read more about tenant requests
We make sure all utility bills are transferred to the new tenant. Electricity and water charges are use-based, so paid exclusively by the tenant.

Is that it?

NO! We are a one-stop shop with additional on-demand services, such as:
protecting your interests as a property owner by representing you in building assemblies when necessary and proactively taking legal action to evict troublesome tenants and recuperate any lost rentals.
ensuring your property stays in good shape at the most competitive rates, secured by our dedicated in-house maintenance team.
filing for your Golden Visa, monitoring its status and arranging for its renewal.
handling all your accounting & home insurance needs to secure the maximum benefit from your investment.
promoting your property for sale if you so choose to a broad local & international clientele roster seeking properties just like yours!

It’s a lot - and we do it all.

To learn more about and , please feel free to get in touch.

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