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COPPA Flow - Life360

Ensuring Child safety and regulation within the Life360 mobile application.
Purpose: Outline the current flow in regards to COPPA within Life360.


This document will outline the current flow in regards to COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) within the Life360 app. The flow was documenting referencing version 222.1.20 on an iPhone 12 OS 14.8.1
The focus of this experience will be around users who will go through the onboarding flow and have the following attributes
Age is < 13
User Type Selection is Mom/Dad or Child

Part 1: Creating a profile

The below flow is standard for all users. Whether you are a parent, child, grandparent etc., the first screens are the same for all new users.

Part 2: Age Check

The below flow is adjusted based on age. Per COPPA regulations, Life360 ensures that children under the age of 13 must get parental approval. Below is the expected experience for any user who enters their date of birth below the age of 13. These children must be near their parent/guardian in order to manually hand their phone over and go through the parental verification process.

Part 3: Parental Verification

Not only does Life360 require consent to ensure parental approval, but we also added another layer of security to provide verification of parents via government issued ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license etc.). This service is powered by our ID verification partner, .
Once a government issued ID is an uploaded, Life360 will verify the uploaded photo correctly matches the ID that was uploaded prior. This is to ensure that there is a true 1 to 1 match between the ID verified and a real-time photo upload.

Part 4: Joining and Establish Circles

After the verification process, the flow returns to a more linear path for all users. Regardless of age, users can select other family or friends to invite and establish circles within the Life360 application to best suit their safety needs.
As users move forward through the onboarding experience, they can systematically assign any role (e.g. Mom, Dad, Son etc.). This does not affect application permissions or result in security violations. Access to the app in regards to COPPA is mitigated by the above flow when verifying parental consent and identification.

Part 5: Finishing Onboarding and Communications

As users wrap up onboarding, they will be allowed to add their home to hone in which their family generally resides at as well the ability to add other places.
An upsell to offer extended services through paid memberships is also introduced to all users within the flow, before finally landing on the Map (Dashboard). A standard ‘Welcome’ email is sent to all users through the email on record that was used to create the original account.


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