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Base Concept Artist

Note: This is a temporary position.


I am looking for an artist to help me figure out if my idea for a breeding system will work. I am not looking for final images but simple sketchy concepts to get a general idea of how this could end up looking.

Breeding System

Each pet is a gryphon. A pet has many “parts”. Each species of pet has a completely unique set of parts. See the images below, Gryphon A is one species of pet and Gryphon B would be a different species of pet. The unique parts, however, I am still deciding on. As an example of what the parts could be:
Head Shape(?)

The Problem

As each species needs to have a completely unique set of parts, I’m not sure there could be many unique variants of certain parts. For example if there was a neck part, are there that many different neck types that would work? Long fur, short fur, feathers etc. Or would it be better to combine neck and forelegs? Or neck and head shape?

Artist Requirements

I would like an artist to sketch out many different complete variations of these parts. It can be done as a full pet image, or each part separately (there needs to be an equal number of parts). To work with me in figuring out how many different parts is plausible and would work well for coming up with future species.


The below images belong to their original copyright owner () and are purely being used as an example of the breeding system.
GRY B.jpg
Gryphon A
GRY A.jpg
Gryphon B
GRY A + B.jpg
Gryphon A x Gryphon B The ears and wings of Gryphon A with everything else from Gryphon B.


Am fully open for the artist to decide how they want to be paid - per hour, per sketch etc.


Please send an email with a portfolio and your prices to with your name and the job posting as the subject.
I understand this may seem a little complicated/confusing, so please feel free to send any questions also to the above email.
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