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Ochre Help

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Obtaining a copy of Ochre

Here are the steps to get Ochre:
Complete the Ochre Implementation form with . Afterwards, will contact you by email to set a timeline. You will receive information on the next steps, including my Knack referral link that must be used.
Obtain your Knack account using my referral link. My affiliate commission is the only compensation that I receive for having developed Ochre. You MUST create your account using this link found in the Next Steps PDF you will receive.
Once you have signed up for a Knack account, I will contact you by email to establish when the copying can be done. This process requires agreement among you, me and Knack. Usually a time can be set up within a few days.


There is no cost for the Ochre app itself, however...
Ochre is an app developed using the Knack platform. You must have a Knack account to run your copy of Ochre. Ochre works with the Knack Starter Plan, which costs $39/month after a free, 14 day trial period.
If you wish to customize the app, there are several ways to proceed. See the Support section below.


Each page of the Ochre app has instructions at the bottom of the page where they are quite visible as you start up, but slowly sink below the page view as your data accumulates.
The Admin page of the app has a 'Help & Support' button that links you back to this document.


When starting out with Ochre, be sure to consult the written onboarding guide .

Getting Help

There are several types of help available in addition to the Instructions and onboarding guide mentioned above.


Ochre has a FAQs page that is found at the link. The FAQs cover everything from pre-purchase questions to troubleshooting the app.

Ochre Knowledge-Base

Ochre also has a Knowledge-Base [KB] found at this link. The KB contains more detailed information, including 'how-to' descriptions and app process explanations.

Test Drive

You can always try things out without risking a problem with your own account by using the Test Drive copy of Ochre found at the link. The login info is:
Email =
Password = Ochre-Guest

Architekwiki Blog

There are a number of blog posts about the issues of bookkeeping in general and Ochre in particular. You can find the articles at the link, which is the Architekwiki blog filtered for articles with the category ‘Ochre’.


Knack is the software platform that Ochre is built with. Learning Knack is by no means necessary, but it is not hard if you are so inclined. If you have ever built a database, or even an elaborate spreadsheet, you should be able to pick up the Knack system pretty quickly. This link takes you to the Knack Knowledge-base where you can begin your journey.

Architekwiki Support

Architekwiki offers help-type support at no charge during your start-up. See the Support section next.


Support through Architekwiki

During the first 45 days after you receive your copy of Ochre, please contact with your questions and problems. Through email, phone calls, texts, or Zoom, I will help you get set up and operating Ochre.
After 45 days, support can continue to work the same way except that there is a charge unless a bug is the issue. Customization of Ochre at any time is also available.
The cost is $75 / hour. One hour minimum paid in advance using this form.

Other types of support are:

Knack Developers

Knack has a network of web developers that can customize your copy of Ochre with custom code for special requirements.
to explore this further.

DIY through your Knack account

This link takes you to the Knack website where you can learn how to edit Ochre yourself.





The main menu tabs for opening the six main pages. Each page represents a User Role. My Records on the left represents Level 1, and moving to the right each page is the next highest User Role.
The printing link. Most pages have this link. Clicking it prints everything on the page except navigation features.
Account Settings is where you can change your password.
Log Out does just that. It is generally safe to stay logged in to avoid logging in repeatedly during the day.
A button used to navigate to another page or to open a form.
A button group to navigate to sub-pages to access your data in meaningful views.
The Search Box is used with the table to locate records that contain the key word/phrase in your search. Searching for a Project Name or a Staff Member are two useful ways to use search.
The Export link will export the table as you have it configured to a CSV, TXT, or JSON file. Most spreadsheet programs will import a CSV file, where you can manipulate the data further. First use Search and Filters and set the records per page to include all your records for the export.
The Add Filters link allows you to select specific data to view. This can be helpful to receive totals on just the data you are interested in.
This is an example of a preset filter. Click the 'x' at the right end to remove it. It will be set again when the page is reloaded.
This is an example of grouping of records, in this case by Project Name. The advantage is explained next.
This is a sub-total bar. The group of records are totaled here.
This is the total bar where you see the total of all records on the page. To see the total of all records in the table, change the 'records per page' to include all records on one page. You can also manually add the totals on each page.
Each page has information about its content at the bottom of the page.

Site Map

Download a PDF with the link below. Or click the image to download a PNG.
Site Map Graphic.pdf
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