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Brew Beta Test Instructions


Brew is available in the US except New York and Texas.
This test is limited to 100 users.
Please treat this as an early beta version 😬. We’re working hard to make it better.

Testing the app

Install on iPhone here . To try out the product you will have to install Testflight too.
Post sign in, click on View wallet details, and copy paste the passphrase in a secure place. Brew is a non-custodial wallet and this information is key. (we’re building a better workflow for this).
Initiate the deposit workflow.
Please use a small amount. We’re still building the withdrawal feature which is roughly a week and half away
Note: The bank deposit works for only US Debit Cards via Apple Pay today.
Few things that can go wrong
Transactions might fail as the fraud detection config right now is showing a lot of false positives. Note - If this happens with you, don’t worry we will still transfer an NFT to you.
The deposit may take upto 5 mins at times.
DM me or email us your feedback at

Getting your NFT

NFTs will be allocated to your Brew’s Wallet Address. The NFTs are minted on Polygon.
Please note that you need to complete a deposit to qualify for this.
The 1 bit version #0 is planned for a different giveaway and is not eligible for this one.

Sharing your preference
Check out the NFT Collection here -
Use this form () to share your top 3 preferred NFTs.
Please note that this does not guarantee an allocation of the preferred version. If we are not able to allocate you one of the preferred versions, we will pick one randomly.

The NFT will be transferred to your Brew Wallet in 24 hours max.

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