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My Village Oslo

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What is “My Village Oslo”?

Hi, my name is Anya! 👋
Imagine if all families had a friendly list of resources, services and specialists to help them around planning a family, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood. As international families make Oslo their home there are lots of questions that come up. I would love to create a helpful resource list to make care more accessible and visible. I would love for all families to have one resource to go to and find specialists and services that they may need most.
I work with families around birth myself, but there is so much more we can do together ☺️ I have three dear friends expecting little ones in spring, and I would love to have the initial list ready for them, and for our greater village 🌱

Whom do I see on the list as it grows?

Care and services may be related to fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and other. Physical, informational and emotional care and support count 🤩 Both private and public 👌 For the start we could have specialists and services and care for the following topics:
Fertility support
Birth planning and prep
Support in birth
Doulas and Midwives
Postpartum care
Mental health support
Loss support
Breastfeeding support
Pelvic floor support
Sling and baby-wearing
Family therapy
Baby signs
Sleep support
Feel free to add more if I have forgotten anything 🙌
If you have had positive experience getting help public of private or you yourself provide a service, may I please ask you to add the name of the professional(s)/services or your name, and I will reach out to them/you to see if they/you would like to be added to the resource list 💛

For whom is this resource?

For families looking for resources and support
For professionals offering their services
For public services who would like to make sure the international community knows about their offers
For anyone curious, who is supporting families or planning for a family themselves

The team 🧡

So far it is just me - Anya 👋 I am a childbirth educator, a birth doula, and a postpartum facilitator. I love supporting families on their journey, and would love to be closer to the community of families and other specialists. The family work is just one part of me, when not in the ‘birth world’, you would most likely find me working at SignLab helping parents of Deaf children learn sign languages or drawing in my living room 🖌️ I will make sure to take care of this resource, and check in with specialists to ensure that they still provide the care. I am grateful for the the community to co-create this list together ✨

My Village Oslo Submission Form

The table bellow fills up automatically via the form, no worries if you submit someone who is already on the list. I will review everything, and will consolidate. The table is here for you to see the suggestions before the final resource is ready.
My Oslo Village - draft list
Name of the specialist or service
Website, Instagram or email to contact them
Briefly describe the type of support service the person or organization provides
Private service? Toggle for "yes" or leave as is
Any questions, hopes or wishes about the project ✨
Anya Volosskaya Campos
Birth prep, Doula birth support, Postpartum care
Thank you for the idea! Looking forward to the list
Gabriela Adriana Vega Galindo
Kate Brinch Sand, info@themilkandoilcompany, @themilkandoilcompany
Massage Therapy, Rebozo Bodywork, postpartum education, birth story medicine
Eva Rose Furmyr
Doula and birth photographer
Claudia Menger
Feminine Yoga training
Jamie Berg
Postpartum support, baby wearing, Toddle Folk Dance and Music
KLR Baby
KLR Baby.
Prenatal coaching, postpartum coaching, Birth doula, night nurse, postpartum support and certified lactation counselor
There are no rows in this table
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Made with love by Anya Volosskaya Campos on Coda 💛

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