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Hello! Welcome to your Study Buddy! The purpose of this tool is to help students review topics using AI generated questions, compare their own solutions to the generated responses, receive feedback, as well as next steps for improvement.

7/16/2023, 9:00 PM

Instructions For Use 📝

Please create a copy of the Study Buddy template to get started.
Gather material you want to study and practice, and paste its contents under the Associated Materials column in the Content Overview table. Press Enter once you have added the information you want to focus on. For testing purposes, sample information has been provided under Test Data.
Once you’ve pressed Enter, the information is analyzed after which key words and 5 key questions pertaining to the content are generated for you to try. Coda AI also generates sample answers to the questions as well and stores them in the Generated Answers column, which are kept hidden from the user (below). For the purpose of demonstration, the Generated Answers column is currently visible.
Now that sample questions have been generated for you, navigate to the My Solutions table by collapsing it, and try answering each of the questions to the best of your ability. Note: Please make sure to have all your answers in one row. Press Enter once you’ve answered the questions.
Now that you’ve tried the questions out on your own, navigate to the Feedback and Next Steps table, by collapsing the associated arrow. Here, you will find feedback that has been generated for you based on your responses, in comparison to the material you have provided, as well as the sample answers generated by Coda AI. Based on these comparisons, areas of improvements are identified for you as well as next steps that you can follow to work on them. Read through them, and see how you did!
Once you’ve read through the feedback and next steps, try following the recommended actions to improve your learning. Make sure to update the Next Steps Status column accordingly. Also make sure to gauge how you feel about your learning to make sure you're on the right track! I hope Learning is Made Byte-iful with your Study Buddy!

Test Data 🔬

Sample information for the Additional Information column:
In reinforcement learning, the policy is a fundamental component that guides the agent's behavior. It can be either deterministic or stochastic. A deterministic policy directly maps each state to a specific action, while a stochastic policy assigns a probability distribution over actions for each state. The choice of policy greatly influences the agent's ability to maximize its cumulative reward.
The policy can be learned through various methods, including value-based methods, policy gradient methods, or a combination of both. Value-based methods estimate the value of different state-action pairs and derive the policy based on these value estimates. Policy gradient methods directly optimize the policy parameters to maximize the expected cumulative reward. Deep neural networks are often used to represent complex policies in practice.

Submission Presentation 📁

Study Buddy Template: Learning is Made Byte-iful with your Study Buddy!
Hello! I’m Anupriya, the creator of the Study Buddy, a study template designed to help people improve and expedite their learning process using Coda AI.
Please note: Video walkthroughs of the Study Buddy Template are available under the Instructions for Use tab.
The purpose of the study buddy is to help students learn about a topic in depth, through generated questions, as well as timely feedback based on a user’s responses. Let’s take a look at how this works!
Sample User Journey:
Let’s say a user had a quiz coming up on the basics of machine learning, and wanted to review the material that was covered.
To start learning, the user can take the information that was taught in class and paste it under the “Additional Information” column in the “Content Overview” table, and then press enter.
What happens next is that, based on the inputted information, key words are identified for the user to pay attention to. Next, 5 key questions are generated as well as their associated responses based on the content provided. The “Generated Answers” column is hidden from the user at this point.
Now that we have our questions set up, let’s try answering them.
In the “My Solutions” table, the user now has the chance to answer the generated questions based on the material. Once the user has done so, they can press “Enter” and proceed to the feedback section.
In the feedback section, the template’s AI feature is used to analyze the user’s responses, and compare them to the information in the “Additional Materials” column and the “Generated Answers” columns in the first table. Once done analyzing, the AI then identifies areas of weakness in the user’s responses, and makes suggestions for improvement. It also provides the correct responses for each question at this point
Once the feedback is generated, next steps for the user are identified based on the feedback as well as areas of improvement to help supplement their learning. An additional column is also provided to help the user stay accountable towards the next steps identified in their learning, and to also keep track of their confidence levels with the materials using the “How Do I Feel?” column.
And that’s a wrap on how your AI-powered Study Buddy can help users learn at their own pace, in their own way. Afterall, "Learning is Made Byte-iful with your Study Buddy!"
Potential impact: How big an impact would this template make on your daily work? Would you use this template regularly? Would you recommend this template to a friend?
As a university student myself, I believe that this template will prove to be quite handy for many people looking to supplement their learning. One of the best ways to learn is through practice questions, however it is difficult for many people to get detailed, personalized feedback to their solutions. The Study Buddy template is a great way for people to practice what they’ve learned, and document their learning journey, as the document serves as a great practice sheet, as well as reference notes with answers and feedback that can be referred to for revision. This template can be used for every topic in every subject, and can be used on a daily basis for learning, as it makes comprehension of knowledge a lot easier, and is a great way to gauge your understanding and work on your areas of improvement. It is a document that I intend to use myself personally and would recommend to my friends and peers.
Creativity: How well does the template align with the theme of saving time and allowing you to do more at work? Does it offer a unique and creative solution to enhancing work productivity?
The template aligns quite strongly with the theme of saving time and increasing work productivity, as it expediates the learning process by providing practice material for the user to try, analyzes the user’s work, identifies areas of improvement, and makes suggestions for next steps accordingly by providing clear and concise feedback. This is very helpful as it ensures that the user’s time is used as efficiently as possible by helping them focus on their areas of improvement and work accordingly. The Study Buddy is a one of a kind, unique template that can tailor its responses based on the user, ensuring that the user is able to focus on the points that matter most in their learning without wasting time.
Template Design: How polished is the template’s design? How pleasant is the user experience? How easy is it for a new Coda user to get started with this template?
The Study Buddy is there to help make learning easier for users, hence why its design follows a clean, minimalistic concept to ensure that the user is not overstimulated, and to make it easy for users to get started with the template.To guide users with using this template, a set of instructions are available at the beginning of the template.
Caliber of Demonstration: How effectively do you demonstrate the problem you are trying to solve? How well do you demonstrate how the solution addresses the problem? Bonus points if you can demonstrate how this has already impacted you or your team.
Many people around the world often have trouble with learning something new, due to issues such as lack of adequate support, information overload, and lack of effective study strategies. In the age of technology, while there is a lot of information available to everyone about any topic, it is difficult to gauge what should be learned and in what order. Furthermore, it is difficult for many people to gauge their level of understanding of a particular topic due to lack of feedback, as while many courses offer assignments, not many offer feedback and tailored next steps for improvement.
Furthermore, often to get access to practice content and potential feedback, users are often required to enroll in paid courses, which can be online or in person, however can prove to be unaffordable for a student looking to supplement their learning journey. The Study Buddy template is an affordable and convenient way for people to learn and get feedback as it can be accessed anywhere at any time, free of cost.
As a university student majoring in computer science, I’ve tried using this template a couple of times for various topics to practice what I’ve learnt, identify gaps in my learning, and follow the next steps of improvement to see how it would impact my knowledge. I’ve explored various topics pertaining to my education such as introductory machine learning, reinforcement learning, as well as topics I find intriguing such as renewable energy and space exploration.
Thank you very much for this incredible opportunity!
Content Overview 🔍
My Solution 📚
Feedback and Next Steps 👣

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