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Travel Tracking System Version 1

Travel Tracking System - Start Page

Main document description
The Travel Tracking System is designed to monitor all details related to your vacation and journey. It enables you to keep a close eye on every facet of your trip. Moreover, it serves as a valuable reference tool during your travels. The information recorded in this system is accessible on your mobile device, ensuring you have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

The following link will take you to the main Tracking system program:

Tracking Systems Details

Navigating through the main menu of the Travel Tracking System, you’ll gain entry to the application’s diverse functionalities. The system’s primary features include the ability to Add New Travel Information, View Comprehensive Travel Details, obtain a Printable Overview of Trip Information, and access the Directory and Maintenance Section. On most data entry screens, you’ll find a dropdown box that allows you to choose the specific trip you’d like to manage. After selecting the desired trip, you will be able to review and modify its details. A detailed description of each section follows below:
Add New Travel Information: This section serves as the starting point for entering the essential details of your new journey. The system is equipped to handle the creation of both local and long-distance trips. Initiate the process by clicking on the ‘Add View New Trips’ button, where you’ll enter the trip’s general information. After the initial data is entered, you can use the buttons below to add specific details related to the trip, categorized by the type of information you want to monitor. The system is designed for straightforward data entry.

View Full Travel Information: This feature provides a unified view where you can see all categories of Trip and Travel information on a single screen. It’s particularly beneficial for reviewing the details once all data has been entered into the respective sections.

Printout View for Trip Information: This feature displays a print-friendly layout, ideal for generating PDFs or hard copies of your Trip Information. It adheres to the standard printing protocol used in the current system. A visual depiction of the printing process is provided below for your reference.

Print Process Simulation.

Directory Section: In the Directory Section, you have the capability to update your traveler’s list by adding new entries, as well as modifying and incorporating information related to travel documents. Additionally, this section allows you to revise and augment details pertaining to your travel rewards programs.

Maintenance Section: This section is for administrative purposes only. This sections give you access to the various tables and views used in this document.

The following link will take you to the main Tracking system program:

To reset all tables and values to empty values, click the following button:
Reset all tables

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