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Zoom Games

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How To Play

How to Play

Click the Add Player button to be added to the Players Table
Once all Players have joined the Players Table, Click the Create Meeting Button (In order to click the create meeting button you must have your account connected to zoom)
Once connected to the zoom meeting shrink your browser screen so that you have this document open and still be able to see the users in the zoom call.
The player whos turn it is will then mute their microphone and press the generate word button (If you wish to come up with your own word that is fine)
Next press the Start timer button and begin saying your word or sentence if you want to give yourself a challenge
If a member correctly says the word or sentence, select from the Select Round Winner 🌟 dropdown the player who got it first. Then click add point to add the point for that user.
It will now be the next persons turn to say the word / sentence
First to 5 points wins the game
If you wish to reset all the players participating you can press the clear all players button
clear all players button
Reset Game will clear all the points
When a member wins the game, select from the Select Game Winner 🌟 dropdown the player who won. They will be added to the All Time Leaderboards.
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