How to choose custom neon signs

Want to make your office, business premises, living space or even events more colorful and attractive by hanging Neon Sign ? There are so many styles and designs to choose from and you don't know how to get the perfect style that suits your atmosphere best. But how to choose the perfect , that is a question.

Type of neon sign

There are traditional neon signs and modern , we recommend you to choose modern led neon signs, as neon signs are more and more popular and are said to be the perfect choice to use. compared to traditional tube lights because they save you energy, are more durable, lighter, and safe to touch.

The size of the neon sign

This step is very important and can affect the overall look of your led sign, so please measure your space carefully and make sure it is large enough to see clearly. Just imagine your custom quote looks gorgeous but your sign is too small to be seen from a few meters away. How sad you will be! As soon as you step into the space, your custom neon should be a great focal point and provide an eye-catching feature.

Color Selection

If you go to big cities like Los Angeles, you can see buildings illuminated by neon signs that light up at night. These attractive signs may fascinate you more than hurt your eyes. Red and green LED Neon Flex are two of the most popular colors for creating neon signs. Associated with dates like Christmas, Saint Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day, this light is often chosen for these purposes. Color is arguably the most difficult aspect of choosing the perfect Neon Sign. They come in over a hundred different colors! Consider colors after you have decided on a logo for your company. What effect does the color of neon lights have on the atmosphere in your environment?

Font Style

When it comes to creating custom LED neon signs, you want options. Along with your choice of different words or phrases and a wide selection of bright colors, you can also choose from a variety of font styles. No matter what you want a neon sign for, this type of choice is extremely important. Every piece of wall art, , special event decoration or home accent should match the style and look you want to convey to all who see it.

Blackgroud Styles and Colors

For background styles, we have three styles to choose from: crop by shape, crop by text and crop by rectangle. In terms of color, there are five colors to choose from: clear, white, black, silver and gold.
Hope you can find the most suitable and satisfactory custom neon sign templates
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