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Introduction Eliana, from the sales team, closes a deal with Vinci Energies, with 30 users across the world. They want to use PlayPlay to boost their external and internal communication. The buyer is Sophie, Group Communication Director. The coordinator is Marine, Group Comms Manager. Eliana told you that they will mainly publish their videos on Workplace (internal) and Linkedin (external). Their goals are to highlight their CSR/innovation initiatives externally and boost employee engagement internally. As a Customer Success at PlayPlay, you are the one in charge of this account. Your main responsibilities are: ● Build a relationship with the customer ● Onboard them on the product ● Make sure they reach a satisfying return on investment
Describe the 3 main actions you would implement in the first month to build a solid relationship with your customer.
as part of building a solid relationship with Vinci Energies, I have implemented:
Setup of recurring calls during the onboarding phase, that will continue into BAU.
Starting with the Kick-Off onboarding call to set the customer up for success and validate their success plan
Set up Knowledge Management workshops to sensitise customers on available knowledge.
Voice of the Customer: Set up internal recurring meetings/threads to showcase customer needs and requirements (ex: Requests to the Product management team).
Construct a PPT deck of 5 slides maximum to help them understand your role and the journey you’ll propose to boost adoption. Your deck should be clean, organized, and outline the value of PlayPlay without needing many contexts from a presenter.
Constructed a PPT deck of 5 slides:
Intro Slide & Agenda
CSM role & Customer Journey
Initial Joint Success Plan
Key features/value added of PlayPlay
Create a 40-second inspirational video with PlayPlay free trial that you will send them to give them video ideas.
How would you measure the satisfaction of your customer?
As part of the feedback loop mentioned in the Onboarding Deck
Customer sentiment during calls
Appetite to learn more about the tool
Engagement in the platform + New features adopted
Imagine 5 actions to help the KAM expand the Vinci Energies account with several other entities.
Build the bridge between the communication team and the HR team as part of the CSR initiative: Use this to expand within the HR recruitment activities
Makes sure the KAM is looped in the feedback mechanism: Use of the Net Promoters
Get the customer Buy-in to build a Customer Success story/ Use Case > To showcase internally and externally
Ask for recommendations/introduction to the ICT team (Axians Marketing team) | Same for the following Vinci Energies entities: Infrastructure, Building Solutions and Industry
CSM To take part in the Sales Account Strategy Planning: understand KAM priorities and efforts in the account and align CS efforts accordingly
“Play it... creative” is one of PlayPlay’s values. Imagine 3 crazy/fun ideas to strengthen the attachment of our clients to PlayPlay.
1.Inviting the customer PlayPlay Customer's Day or Happy Hour online and/or Onsite): Exclusive product demos and New features sneak peeks, interactive workshops and Q&A sessions, Icebreakers & virtual team building activities, fun and games, networking opportunities
2.Interactive challenges, competitions & games: Create a section within PlayPlay where users can engage in monthly challenges related to video creation.
These challenges could range from creating the most creative commercial for a fictional product to reenacting famous movie scenes using PlayPlay's tools.
Offer prizes such as free premium subscriptions, exclusive merchandise, or even featuring the winning videos on PlayPlay's website or social media channels.
This not only encourages users to explore PlayPlay's features but also fosters a sense of community among users striving towards a common goal.

3. Virtual video creation parties: Host regular virtual events where users can join together online to create videos in real-time using PlayPlay's platform. Think of it like a digital version of a crafting night or a cooking class, but for video creation.
Provide themes or prompts for each session, along with live assistance from PlayPlay experts to offer tips and tricks.
Users can collaborate, share ideas, and showcase their creations, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun.
To spice things up, offer themed parties like "70s Throwback Night" or "DIY Music Video Madness" to keep the excitement high.

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