The feature is damn near magic. I’m sold... the result is world class. Can’t get the same thing with RX, even if I spend more time on it.

First impressions - absolutely love it. I did a few before / after reviews comparing a video I made the other day, and one I made using Studio Sound. It really makes a huge difference, and I am absolutely clicking that studio sound button each time now

Overall - Descript has kind of blown my mind. It makes editing my LinkedIn videos literally 20x faster compared to using Premier Pro and it has everything I need.

Dude, this is crazy. I´ve been working with Izotpe RX and all the other pro-stuff for years, and I never heard a result like yours. Congratulations! Only thing is that s-sounds and some consonants sometimes get lost completely, but the body and fullness of the result is really astonishing. Also de de-reverberation is totally amazing.
What are your future plans? Will there be a AAX/VST plugin? And a little bit of control?
You would be kicking some asses for sure...
Thank you for your great work!

it sounds absolutely fantastic. I didn't even know I needed it but it's clear that it makes it so much better. Nice work.

I have to say, as someone who has been working in audio for almost 30 years as a recording engineer, mixer, audio editor, etc. this is one impressive suite of audio magic.

I had some time to play around with almost all the features of Descript and the technology and simplicity is amazing.

As far as the new Studio Sound goes, the results are extremely impressive compared to those of other offerings in the industry.

Your whole product is simply amazing, I have never in all of my years of using services abs software come across something so innovative and useful as Descript.

And it just keeps getting better.

I tell everyone everywhere about your service, and that you simply have to experience it to understand it. The speed, the simplicity, the export formats and now studio audio everything it’s just unbelievable

I have one massive fear about this! I am genuinely concerned it’s going to be bought by some company and the technology is going to be absorbed into some large outfit and the rest of us are going to lose it, and that would be really really really really really upsetting because this is an incredible service and I intend on using it the rest of my life

Since I have the chief executive officer on hand, in fact I’m not even sure you’re getting this it might be just part of a follow up system, but just in case it’s you, how can I have any confidence that this will not easily be purchased by someone? There are so many players that would love to just buy this, I’m certain of it and I can only think that it’s going to be sold

I think you can develop this into an industry conquering dominating piece of software that when people really find out about it you’re going to hit an inflection point where this is going to explode.

It really is that special

So far its terrific…..really shocking.

I cannot believe it, to be quite up front.

Its excellent with normal sound, I record my business meeting today with Avoma, and downloaded the audio file, it used zoom to do recording, needed fixing as always.

However when I did a small file from apple voice memos in which I was talking quietly it d not work so well.

But a normal conversation? Presenting? the charts.

First of all, I absolutely LOVE Descript. It’s the perfect tool for my content creation (podcasts, social video, screen recording, etc.). Descript has allowed me to offer more services with my small business without having to spend years learning those other traditional programs.

I was so excited to get access to the Studio Sound tool this week. I produce a podcast for a client and I’ve been having so much trouble with the sound - it’s an interview podcast and it’s been hard to control the levels. I tried the tool today and my jaw DROPPED on the floor when I heard the difference. This is exactly the tool I’ve been looking for. I’ve been watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos trying to figure my sound out and Descript came along and solved my problem instantly.

I’ll continue to use the tool in the coming days, but right now I have no notes - just a big THANK YOU.


Literally the best thing I’ve tried since we’ve been doing this podcast. Seriously.

I was blown away! I had the air conditioner
blasting in the background along with a T.V. playing and it sounds like I was in a recording studio with
No Background Sound whatsoever! I am impressed!!

It is AMAZING!!!!!!!

I thought I was going to have to re-record a ton of audio because of some background noise that ended up getting picked up in my original recording. After running Studio Sound, I realized, it just saved me hours worth of extra re-record work. All end as I started.... It is AMAZING!!!

Nice work!

Absolutely fantastic. I feel like you elevated my little podcast tenfold with the click of a button. Honestly the best feature yet

I record both my host and guests via phone through a Rodecaster Pro and this did more for my audio quality than any other product


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