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Travel & Expense Policy

Now that we are a hybrid company, we expect mandatory travel to reduce significantly. However, periodic travel will still be encouraged among distributed teams.
If you need to travel to work with your team, make a copy of our travel request form and get it signed by your manager. Then, feel free to start booking your flights and accommodations.
Please note that first class tickets will not be reimbursable. You may book any hotel as long as it's below $500 per night. Please get approval from your manager before exceeding that limit.
After your trip, you can file your expenses in
. Please note you will need to submit receipts in addition to the transactions from your corporate credit card, so please plan accordingly. The reimbursement will require you to include:
Type (e.g., Out of Pocket)
Details (merchant)
Amount ($)
Receipt (upload an image)
Memo (short note about the reimbursement)
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