Invoicing Q/A Protocol and Checklist

Step 1: Incentives Tab Verification (Homeless Clinic Coordinator)
Review the incentives tab in the MPR.
Ensure gift card reimbursement data aligns with events conducted.
Verify the accuracy of gift card amounts and quantities.
Step 2: Clinic and Doses, Event Log Verification (Quality Assurance Manager)
Review the clinic and doses data in the MPR.
Cross-verify the event log information.
Check for consistency in reported clinic data and doses administered.
Confirm that event log entries match clinic and doses records.
Step 3: School-Based Coordinator Hours (Director of Community Health)
Prepare the School-Based Coordinator Hours section of the MPR.
Ensure accurate reporting of coordinator hours.
Cross-reference hours with supporting documentation.
Step 4: Rent Line Item Inclusion (Accountant)
Ensure that a rent line item is included in each invoice.
Verify the accuracy of rent amounts and any associated details.
Step 5: Director of Community Health Submission
The Director of Community Health submits the finished MPR to the accountant.
Verify that all components of the MPR have been reviewed and approved by the respective team members.
Step 6: Accountant Invoice Preparation
The accountant uses the approved MPR to prepare the corresponding invoice.
Cross-check invoice data with MPR data for consistency and accuracy.
Ensure that all components of the MPR, including incentives, clinic and doses, event log, school-based coordinator hours, and rent, are accurately reflected in the invoice.
Step 7: Final Review and Approval
The Director of Community Health reviews the completed invoice.
Cross-verify invoice data with the MPR and supporting documentation.
Confirm that all discrepancies have been addressed and resolved.
Approve the invoice for submission.
Step 8: Invoice Submission
Submit the finalized invoice to the appropriate entity or department for payment.
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