David's November 2023 - December Mid 2024 Work Path

Goal One: Creating a CFH Gmail Account

The objective is to create a dedicated Gmail account for work to prevent personal email from being inundated with work-related messages.
Access Gmail:
Open a web browser and go to the Gmail website ().
Sign Up:
On the Gmail login page, click on the "Create account" option.
Fill in Information:
Provide the required information, including:
First name and last name.
Desired email address (choose a work-related username).
Password (ensure it's secure and unique).
Confirm password.
Recovery Information:
Enter a recovery phone number and an alternative email address (if available). These can be used to recover the account if needed.
Complete the verification process, which may include solving a CAPTCHA or receiving a verification code on the provided phone number or email address.
Terms of Service:
Review and accept Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Profile Information:
Optionally, add a profile picture and additional profile information.
Welcome to Gmail:
Once the account is created, you will be directed to the Gmail inbox.
Share with Director:
Share the newly created CFH Gmail account with the Director of Community Health.
Configure Work Communication:
Start using this CFH Gmail account for all work-related communication going forward. Update the email address in any work-related platforms or tools as needed.

Goal two: Adding Draft Shifts onto Connecteam

Adding Draft Shifts onto Connecteam
Create Smartsheet Account:
Ensure the Scheduling Coordinator has a work email.
The Director of Community Health shares the Coordinator's Event Sheet.
Coordinator creates a free Smartsheet account and bookmarks the page for easy access.
Set Up Email Notifications:
Director configures automation to notify the Coordinator of new events submitted to the sheet.
Review Event Sheet:
Coordinator opens the Event Sheet and identifies rows highlighted in red, indicating unadded events.
Access Connecteam:
Open Connecteam in the web browser.
Navigate to "Job Scheduling."
Create New Calendar:
Choose the "New Calendar" option in Connecteam.
Add Multiple Shifts:
Click on the "+ Add" button near the "Publish" button, then select "add multiple shifts."
Enter Shift Details:
Refer to the Event Sheet and select a red-highlighted event.
Fill in the following details for one row: Event date, start time, end time, event name, sector, address, and attach the Event Sheet PDF.
Note that the start time includes setup time.
Find Address and Attachments:
Find event addresses in the Event Notes Sheet (first column).
Attachments (e.g., Event Coordinators' submissions) can be accessed by clicking the paperclip icon.
Convert attachments to PDF if needed for readability.
Notify Director:
Inform the Director if an event lacks an Event Sheet attachment for follow-up.
Duplicate Shifts:
Delete extra rows, keeping only the one you worked on.
Duplicate this row 4 times to have 5 rows with the correct event details.
Identify Pick Up and Drop Off Shifts:
Make the 4th row the pick-up shift (30 mins for supplies and 30 mins to travel before the event).
Adjust the start and end times to be one hour before the event.
Set Drop Off Shift:
Identify the 5th row as the drop-off shift (one hour after the event).
Adjust the start and end times accordingly (e.g., for a 9-2 event, make it 3-4).
Assign Jobs:
Under the "Job" column, select the appropriate job for each row: Clinical, CAIR2, Community Health Worker, Pick Up, and Drop Off.
Determine Team Members:
In the "Number of Users" column, check the box for each row.
On the first row, change the number from 1 to 2 to allow two clinical team members for that shift.
Save as Draft:
At the bottom right, click "Save as draft."
Update Event Sheet:
Go back to the Event Sheet and mark off checkboxes for each column, add the date of shift addition on Connecteam, and choose "scheduler."
The row will turn orange, indicating the event has been added to Connecteam.
Repeat for Next Event:
Begin the process again for the next red-highlighted event in the Event Sheet.

Goal 3: Adding Events onto MyTurn

Adding events onto MyTurn

Goal 4: Create a data analysis of March - October events

The purpose of this project is to evaluate our outreach and service strategies to ensure that we are providing services to the target populations, and areas as outlined by the contract. The scheduler Coordinator will help with the evaluation by compiling data from previous monthly progress reports for review.
The scheduling Coordinator will provide a summary of the following per month:
Number of total clinics completed by zip code
Number of Total clinics completed in HPI Quartile 1
Number of Total clinics completed in HPI Quartile 2
Number of Total clinics completed in HPI Quartile 3
Number of Total clinics completed in HPI Quartile 4
Number of total community facing clinics completed in Quartile 1
Number of total community facing clinics completed in Quartile 2
Number of total school facing clinics completed in Quartile 1
Number of total school facing clinics completed in Quartile 2
Number of total shelter facing clinics completed in Quartile 1
Number of total shelter facing clinics completed in Quartile 2
Number of congregate care facing clinics completed in Quartile 1
Number of total congregate facing clinics completed in Quartile 2

The scheduling coordinator will then compile results by month and create a summary report for contract period March -October. The Scheduling will review the Target HPI quartile 1 and 2 zip codes, and provide recommendations on where CFH can increase their services.

See below for the list of San Diego HPI Zip Codes 1 and 2

Accessing the Monthly Progress Reports

When you open the document, you review only two tabs: Clinic and Doses Summary, and Event Log
The Clinic and Doses Summary tells you how many doses and types of clinics we completed but the Event log is where you will find your information. The Event Log charts the type of clinic setting (congregate care, community, etc), the event address, and which quartile the event is in.

I have also created a word document and excel document for you to chart your progress.

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