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your customizable music studio documentation and planning tool

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Studio Manager helps you:
your music equipment (value, serial #, warranty info, manuals, etc.)

to insurance claims or police reports for damaged or stolen gear

gear requirements for travel and live performance

presets and settings used on various tracks

virtual studios, sessions, and performances

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STUDIO MANAGER is a customizable tool in two modules:

1. Studio: document gear and presets
instrument inclusive database (bring your guitars, modular synths, effects, etc.)
preset manager
apply gear condition and personal ratings
add purchase info, current value, serial #s and warranty details
print a gear inventory for insurance purposes
includes a manufacturer and contacts CRM/database
add notes and upload gear manuals

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2. Sessions: build virtual recording sessions
build your session in a virtual patching environment
all gear connections are available
choose from current and wish list gear
separate studio builds from live performance setups
embed performances (YouTube, etc.)
add session and connection notes

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Studio Manager runs on the free tier of a nocode platform that’s part document, part database, part webpage, part app.... The power of Coda is that it lets you the user customize the feel and function of Studio Manager. Nothing is hidden or barred from editing.

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My Story
Before Studio Manager, I didn’t keep track of my gear. I had about $18k in synths and other hardware in my small bedroom studio, all undocumented beyond a few pics, vids and a handful of email receipts. Thankfully I’d never had to make an insurance claim, because all I had were a handful of email receipts and old studio photos to prove ownership of my gear.

Worse than that, I’d listen back to past recording sessions and have no idea what equipment or presets I’d used. I was constantly starting sound design from scratch rather than leveraging my past presets. I couldn’t recall enough detail from previous sessions to recapture their magic or translate them for live performance.

So I built Studio Manager to solve these problems. Thanks for your interest, and good skill to you!

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my previous gear documentation: photos

here’s my head:

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Andy Farnsworth
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