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Competency Test Andrei Cainiceanu

Alexandra’s Strategy

For this exercise I will assume Alexandra has at least some social media presence though I will include some points on how she can get it if she doesn’t have one set up properly. All points will be executed by the team and not the creator.
Alexandra’s issue is that her engagement is low . She has the demographic but her content is not attractive enough to her user base for them to join her OF. The solutions are optimize the content and improve engagement. I will detail both aspects in some ideas below:
Audience Analysis:
Target Audience: Men 20-45 enthusiastic about fitness and outdoors activities
Interests: Exercise, nutrition, workout routines, weight loss, muscle gain, healthy living, camping, hikes, nature, outdoor sports
Preferred Social Media Platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter(X), YouTube
Content Goals and Objectives:
Increase followers to social media
Optimize social media based on information gathered
Optimize content based on information gathered
Improve current conversion rate
Increase traffic to OF page from social media
Improve Social media follower engagement
Content Types and Formats:
TikTok Videos : Analyze what was posted in the past see what worked best and create more content of that style. Review comments and create a brand profile based on this for Alexandra. Use this to test new ideas that fit the niche and profile and see if we get better stats from them. Examples as such :working out in an office, working out on a train, work out challenges, a mukbang challenge then an extreme cardio workout , explaining a fitness exercise wrongly to create engagement , squats with sweat resistant makeup, bench pressing something unusual but tied to the location while talking about it, commending on some else’s workout etc... . This will drive up traffic and conversion value too.
Instagram posts: Staying in the outdoor workout niche create a IG feed of sexy content, workouts in stunning outdoor spaces, some memes all balanced on what seems to be working while asking ourselves “How can I improve this” . Make sure we have consistency posting and boost engagement and ultimately conversion value.
IG Reels: Create multiple reel accounts and use the TikTok content on them and push traffic to the main IG account.
YouTube Shorts: Re-use the TikTok’s we made as YouTube shorts.
Reddit AMA : Get involved in Reddit fitness discussions and give our content as examples branding ourselves as a “fitness guru” driving up more curiosity and engagement and ultimately conversions.
Twitter (X) Posts : A mix of sexy posts , relatable content, memes and our TikTok content to be seen by a wider audience.
Distribution Channels:
Instagram: Post reels and visually appealing content with a strict optimized post schedule.
TikTok: Post workout videos ,personal opinions, workout advice, natural beauty, all optimized and improved on what worked in the past.
Twitter: Share quick workout tips in either text or video or using a sexy image, motivational quotes, and links to IG. Participate in relevant fitness-related conversations using hashtags.
Reddit: Participate in fitness AMA’s and in the general “how to stay fit while traveling” discussions . Including information on how to work out while traveling in a hotel or in nature. Post sexy pics as proof of method success. Engage users directly on relevant topics.
YouTube shorts: Same strategy and content as on TikTok since we’re already creating it and we will show it to a wider audience.
Content Calendar:
Daily: Since our goal is to drive conversion up we need a strict daily post regiment on all sources. Content can vary as stated above.
Weekly: Create one video per week that is aimed at users and tried to get them engaged in conversation with the creator.
Monthly: Arrange one AMA and if funds are available buy retweets and mentions from other related content creators.
Promotion Strategies:
IG Reels: Using multiple dedicated reel accounts drive traffic to the main IG account
Influencer Partnerships: If funds are available get other related content creators to comment on Alexandra’s content. If Alexandra would accept we can even try doing this by creating or encouraging “negative” commentary to increase engagement and user curiosity while exposing her to a larger demographic (They don’t have to like her to want to see her naked)
User Engagement drives Conversion Rates: Adding stable scheduled posted optimized content based on past posts to get her existing user base more engaged and ultimately increase conversion.
TikTok exploration: Devise new but similar and niche related styles of content to test and drive up engagement while possibly exposing her to a larger share of her demographic or a related interested demographic.
New Traffic Sources: Since most OF Creators go with IG and TikTok first since let’s face it most tutorials say they should, we will explore other sources such as Twitter, Reddit ,YouTube shorts, Fetlife and Facebook to access a larger demographic.
Optimization: Once we take Alexandra in we will do a thorough analysis of her brand and content that did well statistically and create more of the same but better optimized to her demographic .
Increase production quality: No one has perfect content and chances are we can improve elements such as video quality , lighting, outfit relevance(we see which styles of outfits resonate more with her core audience).
Brand optimization: We analyze the relationship between demographic and creator and see what her followers expect from her and like to give them more of that in the content that will be produced.
Use the agency resources: In all social media platforms and accounts we will use the VA’s to reply to comments and overall engage the user base.
Conferences with the chatters: Identify and create the profile of a lucrative subscriber and focus on the demographics they belong to according to the information already available.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Daily follower growth on each social media platform individually so we can adapt the strategy accordingly.
Daily video views on each social media platform individually.
Conversion Rate (we are looking for a percental increase) for each social media platform individually
If for any reason we use Snipfeed (I would not recommend we promote it in this instance) monitoring traffic to said page.
Optimization and Iteration:
Monitor performance metrics regularly to identify top-performing content types, posting times, and audience engagement patterns.
Monitor user comments and derive feedback for improvement from users
Monitor the general niche of this type of content for new viral trends we can decide to be a part of
Monitor Conversion Rate trends daily while taking into account anything under a whole week does not hold statistical relevance

Considering the SFW nature of the content Alexandra can produce we can scale with more sources such as Pinterest , Facebook and even Mastodon though I’ve the most successful ones in this case would be the ones above in my opinion.

Coda is a versatile tool which i would use keeping track of stats in this case as shown below

TikTok Conversion Rate
IG Conversion Rate
Reddit Conversion Rate
Twitter Conversion Rate
YouTube Shorts Conversion Rate
There are no rows in this table

Social Media Followers
Main IG
There are no rows in this table
Any numbers that need showcasing and organizing for a presentable report or even a personal helpful strategy diagnostic tool can be done in code with these just being some examples.

Issue Resolution Case Study

Step 1 - Identifying the change that created the disconnect with the clients subscriber base
We will review all content posted since the drop started and identify why and when the drop started happening. Analyzing successful content in the past and return to that certain style.
In this stage we will also identify what content didn’t stick and stay clear of that.
Step 2 - Based on user comments and interactions discover the creators branding disconnect with her userbase
After a branding review we will now know what the users expect and want the creator to behave and portray herself in future content. In the future we will make sure the content adheres to this better only deviating slightly.
Step 3 - Improve brand aligned future content quality.
There is always room for improvement such as a better camera better, outfits better, lighting etc and these improvements on content in the style of which we know empirically worked in the past should reengage the subscriber base.
Stet 4 - Re-engaging and promoting brand loyalty to the existing subscriber base
Offering exclusive content with manufactured scarcity, small gifts in the form of special pics of voice messages, a AMA, a contest to win a free month and other strategies to re-engage the existing subscriber base.

These 4 steps should revitalize and stabilize the creators subscriber counts and set us back on the road to stable growth.
The main measure to keep this certain issue from happening in the future is having a clear organized list of all content with notes on what works and performs well and what doesn’t. By always knowing what works and only trying new things carefully and gaging responses not drastically switching directions we can prevent this from happening. Any change should be treated like an experiment to be observed and quantified not a major direction change.

KPI Analysis Exercise

IG gets 100 new paid subscribers per month earning 1,000$
Posts cost 3,000$ per month
Instagram is losing 2000$ per month making the ROI -66.67%.
Some proposed strategies to increase conversion rates would be
Create a new story post with an OF pitch encompassing elements of the most successful posts in the past eg best outfit , most popular location, a certain style of makeup
Optimize the profile in a way that makes followers more curious about OF
Analyze and find the bottleneck why high engagement does not translate to a better conversion rate. Maybe the sales pitch needs to be improved, maybe there should be more limited time offers, maybe there is too much sexy content and not enough personal substance.
Find out through comments what the users want and tease it while making it available beyond the paywall.
IG Profit

TikTok generates 100 paid subscribers per month earning a total of 1000$.
Posts cost 3000$ per month.
TikTok is losing 2000$ per month making the ROI -66.67% .
Considering how it is currently losing money some actions that would increase conversion rate and put it back in profit would be
Since we have reached 10k followers we can post clickable links now so each post should have a link to out OF page
Optimize our profile picture and description to encompass the creators niche and ad relevance and personal touch to the videos.
Have the team interact with the followers more and pitch them our OF page
See what content did well tease it and mention how they can see the full version behind the paywall to get more to subscribe.
Special limited time offers with exclusive content on OF
Have a mini contest with a month free subscription for a randomly selected comment or for the user that answers a question from a previous video in comments

TikTok Profit

Reddit Karma is a given by users after a perceived positive interaction. Based on the exercise criteria I assume the 5000 karma means there have been 5000 positive interactions with reddit users per month and out of that the conversion rate to a paid subscriber is 2% meaning we get 100 paid subscribers per month earn a total of 1000$
Posting on reddit costs us 75$ per month.
Reddit is making 925$ profit per month having it’s ROI be 1333.33%
As always there is room for improvement so here is how we could optimize this traffic source
Quadruple the number of reddit posts. If these posts are currently in the same subreddit we shouldn’t exceed one per day. If we have multiple subreddits we alternate between we can safely post a quality non spam post per day in each subreddit (a maximum of 5 per day per subreddit). Posts are working we should scale this up.
Reddit responds well to substance and hard information making the posts and content more factual about workouts fitness diets and such will increase engagement
Find more subreddits which align with our niche and expand by posting there too.
Use the team to interact with Redditors more on their own posts related to our content niche, always giving sound factual advice but leaving them wanting more and curious.
Use special limited time offers with content relating to the subreddit the pitch will be posted in. Make it count and organized Redditors love structure and being on topic.

Reddit profit

Outcome Planning Task

Month 1: Foundation and Content Strategy
Define Niche: Once a certain creator is picked as being a good fit we have an interview and by getting to know them decide what the niche we present will be, for example a creator that does gaming could be the gamer girl niche. Find out what is unique about this creator and build a brand on that.
Social Media: We start creating and warming up multiple TikTok and IG accounts. We post content to all of them trying to get viral if warmed up correctly and send followers to the main IG account from all. We are building followers and will include an OF pitch yet.
Content Optimization: Based on content we post we monitor results and create lists of aspects that do well or poorly and create a general template for the content the certain creator can make that works best.
Profile Optimization: We begin optimizing our profile to fit the image of our creator.
At this point earnings will be small but we can use them to hire a VA do social interaction on social media. Engagement is important and commenting on people in the same niche as our creators posts and engaging the ever growing user base is important. A VA should be paid an hourly wage keeping in mind we are not making real profit yet. All profit should go to content creation and the VA wages.
Month 2-3: Building Awareness and Engagement
Social Media Optimization: At this point we have a good enough understanding of what our followers like. We keep producing more of that with increased production quality. We use our VA to continue interacting with our followers
OF Pitch: Based on what we’ve learned about the best outfits video types, poses, we create a OF pitch on our main IG.
Instagram Reel Accounts : We post reels on our secondary accounts driving traffic to the main account
Other Traffic Sources: We begin expanding on other social media requiring more VA’s. We maintain a Reddit, Twitter a YouTube account for shorts while building our brand.
Influencer promotion: We use some of the new resources to get other content creators in our niche to discuss our creator on social media driving more traffic to our IG with our OF Pitch on it. If the creator approves this can be negative attention to but nothing harsh like if we go with a gamer girl angle the other creator could discuss her lack of skill at a certain game.
At this point we will need our first chatter too needing to keep on track of the growing subscriber base, selling them PPV’s, promoting special offers and creating your first Big Spenders which need constant taking care of. A chatter can be paid a small hourly wage plus a generous performance percentage to keep them motivated. We should be spending 35-45% of our profit on content creation.
Month 4-5: Subscriber Retention and Monetization
Exclusive Content Offers: Use FOMO with exclusive limited time offers to improve conversion rate on our Social Media pages.
Increasing Our Chatter Team: Since we currently have more subscribers we need to dedicate at least 20% of our profit to hiring more chatters and keeping them motivated. User base retention is just as important as more subscribers. Our subscribers need to be kept engaged.
Diversification of Content: Content optimization and branding will never end. Experiment with different types of content formats and themes to keep subscribers engaged and attract a wider audience. We need to seek out and empirically test new content styles by adding small twists to keep our followers curious and interested.
Improve content quality: At this point we should be able to invest in better cameras, more outfits, renting out special locations, buying gadgets that are trending or simple travel to give our content that extra bang.
Engage with other creators and influencers: At this stage we want to make a greater presence in our demographic so getting partnerships , mentions, retweets, reaction videos, commentary videos from other larger in niche creators is a good step. Getting exposed to demographics that are in our niche will keep us growing further.
Brand Analysis: Using feedback from our chatters and information we get from comments and interactions on our social media collected by our VA’s which should be enough to comfortably take on this work load we should assess and keep in touch with what our subscribers and followers want offer it to our subscribers and tease it to our followers.
At this point we should be spending 30% of our profit on staff, a few chatters, working in shifts so no period is devoid of social interaction and a few VA’s commenting on our multiple main social media accounts, several TikToks and Instagram Reel accounts. We should spend a minimum of 25% of profit on content creation. Growth is important stagnation is our enemy our employees should be motivated , accountable and ever improving in skill.
Month 6: Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Data Analysis: Analyze key metrics such as subscriber growth, retention rates, engagement levels, and revenue generated to assess the effectiveness of the strategy. Tweaks can always be done but identifying positive trends and knowing what works can help us grow further.
Feedback Collection: Be it from paid subscribers followers or even competitors we need feedback to continue growing. Optimization is what improves out conversion rates and engagement rates. We need to know what our subscribers want and offer it and tease non subscribers with what they want and offer it once they subscribe.
Employee Excellence: We kept investing in our employees and are seeing dividends from it at this point. The VA’s know how to engage followers best , our feed looks perfectly curates and more people are brought in from our auxiliary traffic sources. Our chatters are retaining paid subscribers and raising more and more members to higher tier subscriptions.
Out of the box promotion: Our creator has some notoriety now, being a known rising star so we can look towards some partnerships with major influencers, interviews, news articles, manufactured controversy and beef. Anything that makes people curious while we are the wardens of the answer they seek. As long as people are curios they will subscribe.
In niche relevancy: Use our creators niche to get her involved in anything niche related that has media attention. If she’s a gamer sign her up for a tournament even if she loses, if she’s a model get her on a famous runway if she’s a fitness trainer have an interview about how she keeps fit by only drinking alkaline hotdog water.
Long-Term Planning: Develop a long-term marketing strategy and roadmap for sustaining growth and community engagement beyond the initial 6-month period.
At this point this creator should be feeding a few mouths and lining some pockets including theirs of course being set up for stable growth and a great future backed by a highly motivated staff working as a well oiled machine. At this point we should be profitable and spend 35%-40% on staff and content production.

My personal style of management since I’ve owned my own company has always been leading by example. You can’t realistically expect someone to do a task (and be motivated while doing it) without showing the drive ambition and passion of doing it yourself. Focusing on the big picture is important but a big picture can be misleading if the small components haven’t been experienced or done by the manager. Here you can get invaluable insight in things such as task lengths , how to improve efficiency, common possible mistakes, an appreciation for your staff, a way to gage who is talented and who isn’t etc.
When you build your own company you get staff to help when you need expertise you can’t gain or when you don’t have anymore time to do a task yourself. Do the work and be proud of it.

Team Building Exercise

A classical online marketing team has many positions that would not be relevant for what we do so considering growth is our main goal , a happy creator is a productive creator and the best traffic is free traffic here is my example of a marketing team of 10 that would be useful for a booming OF Management company such as Belle Muse.

Creator Manager (3) - A personal position that liaises with our creators be it discussing strategy , problems that come up technical assistance pretty much everything that a creator might need . There should be 3 in this position so that we can have 3 shifts and have someone online for this AT ALL TIMES including weekends and holidays. There is no moment when it’s acceptable for the talent to not be in contact with their management company.
The Creator Manager is responsible for recruiting new content creators.
They identify potential creators who align with the company's brand, values, and target audience.
They oversee the onboarding process, guiding creators through account setup, verification, and profile optimization.
The Creator Manager serves as the main point of contact for content creators within the management company.
They act as advocates for creators' needs and interests within the company, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.
They provide guidance and feedback on content ideas.
They may assist creators in planning content calendars, brainstorming new ideas, and staying updated on industry trends and best practices.
They offer ongoing support and assistance to creators, addressing any questions, concerns, or issues that arise during their tenure with the management company.
They keep content creators up to date with the strategic direction of the marketing department.
As a jack of all trades position these ambitious highly charismatic and tech savvy individuals encompass the traits of affiliate managers in paysites , ad networks. Creators need to know thy can depend on their management company at any time.
If there is time no job should be beneath them from reviewing stats to liaising between the other department members to get anything needed done.
The marketing Manager would liaise with them gain feedback and and a feel for problems arising creator concerns and address them accordingly.
This position requires charismatic tech savvy individuals with support and customer service experience.

Social Media Manager (5) : Social media is a huge part of building a creator up. A English native speaker level (being bilingual with Spanish or other languages for the future can’t hurt) , hard working, accountable, serious, punctual, decent tech skills, easily motivated, that thrives on feedback and loves improving themselves would be a perfect candidate. Considering the agency’s policy is growth and expansion general culture stability and a desire to learn would also be important traits. Good memory and a pattern seeking mind will also help. Social media personnel will have tasks and responsibilities as such:
Develops a social media content calendar aligned with the agency's and creators' branding and marketing objectives.
Manages and maintains social media profiles across various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest and Facebook.
Optimizes profile bios, profile pictures, cover photos, and other elements to reflect the agency's and creators' branding and messaging.
Monitors platform algorithms, trends, and best practices to ensure maximum visibility and engagement for social media content.
Engages with followers, fans, and subscribers through comments, direct messages, and interactive features to foster a sense of community and connection.
Responds to inquiries, comments, and feedback in a timely and professional manner, providing assistance, information, and support as needed.
Generates regular reports and insights to evaluate the effectiveness of social media strategies and inform optimization efforts.
Identifies trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement based on data analysis and audience feedback.

As all jobs these are just general purviews subject to further expansion. A talented employee will get more responsibilities.
Daily stand up calls and weekly in depth video calls will be held with staff to ensure the desired strategic direction is followed and the staff stays updated on all strategy changes for each content creator.

Graphic and Video Editor: We expect our creators to create content but not all will be excellent at it and that’s just a fact. Some photos for IG should be tweaked, some videos cut, some posters made , avatars and profile pics enhanced. Even making small changes to a video for our IG reel accounts or simply adding the IG handle as a watermark require a person with this type of experience.
Asides from great technical capacity this employee should liaise with other members of the team and be a strong team player. Great communication skills and a pleasant attitude are a must. Hard working and accountable.
Some of this employees duties could be:.
Design eye-catching graphics, illustrations, banners, and other visual assets for social media posts, ads, and promotional materials.
Create compelling video content, including teasers, trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and promotional videos, to showcase creators' content and attract subscribers.
Design and optimize profile images, cover photos, and other visual elements for content creators' OnlyFans profiles to enhance their branding and appeal.
Edit and enhance photos, videos, and other multimedia content to improve quality, aesthetics, and appeal.
Apply color correction, filters, effects, and other editing techniques to enhance visual impact and storytelling.
Create visual assets and multimedia content for marketing campaigns, product launches, special promotions, and events.
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