Meson Newsletter, Jan 2022

As we start a new year, we wanted to share an update on what we accomplished in 2021 and what we will be working on in H1 of 2022.
Recap of 2021
1/ We now support all major SDK networks and in-app bidders on Meson
SDK Networks
In-app Bidders (SDK)
In-app Bidders (API)
2/ We launched Open Auction, an un-biased auction service that lets publishers define rules of access and competition and maximize ARPDAU. With open auction you can create country tiers, create inventory tiers to manage access priorities, pin or auto rank ad lines, and manage competition between bidder ad lines and mediated ad lines. Open Auction also helps in efficient ad ops by managing monetization by format, or ad unit or both.
3/ We launched Audiences, a mechanism to segment users by context or behavior and define monetization strategies to maximize user LTV. With audiences you can create Segments and Cohorts and target them in Open Auction. You can even control ad delivery like ad opportunities, frequency, timeouts and rewards (incentivized ads) per segment or cohort. Also measure the impact of all your monetization tactics and strategies on retention and LTV with Cohort Analysis.
4/ We launched Custom Networks, allowing publishers to onboard any SDK network into Meson Open Auction. Meson Analytics will cover reporting for all networks.
5/ We launched Customer Data Platform, allowing publishers to store user data and handle everything around privacy management to comply with regional privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD etc... Meson CDP is also the underlying platform for managing cohorts for cohort analysis and targeting.
6/ We launched Analytics,
- a real-time dashboard with the ability to compare historical data.
- a BI tool to pivot, visualize and analyze data on the go.
- a report scheduler to facilitate delivery of data to cross functional teams.
- a reconciliation tool to monitor discrepancies between Meson and demand partners.
* We will be adding ability to compare with historical data to the BI tool shortly.
7/ We launched Data Feeds, that allows you to control and own your monetization data. Tap into the bid stream, impression stream and creative streams to get access to impression level data that is otherwise not accessible on existing mediation platforms. This data can fuel further insights for internal teams focusses on UA, User Analytics etc.
8/ We launched Experiments, that allows publishers to run A/B, and Multi-variate experiments primarily focused on Open Auction and assist with maximizing ARPDAU.
* We will extend experiments to other areas like Segments, Timeouts, Ad Experience etc...
9/ We launched User Management, with Account Admin and Operator roles, to make administration seamless. Users can also be invited to manage multiple accounts.
10/ We launched Meson iOS & Android SDK, supporting ad rendering, ad mediation and ILRD*, on Banner, MREC, Interstitial, and Rewarded real estates.
* Impression level revenue data
What is coming in H1 2022
1/ Add more in-app bidders (SDK & API) to the platform; Snap, TapJoy, Yahoo, Pangle and 20+ other partners
2/ Onboard Header Bidding Wrappers like Amazon TAM, Prebid etc. We will be launching pricing and targeting keywords that make it easy for publishers to introduce custom attributes in Open Auction. The custom attributes can be price tokens or user tokens that can be sent as part of the ad request using the Meson SDK.
3/ Run Direct Demand with ability to optimize and bid differentially for maximizing unique’s, impressions, clicks or completed video views. In this version we don’t support any form of price arbitrage, but our algorithms help you optimize for quality as required by advertisers. Direct Demand buys can be executed as hosted campaigns or programmatic deals. Added support for 3P creative tags.
4/ Proactive Ad Blocking with GeoEdge SDK.
5/ Auction Funnel & Debug tools, that can help you track all major drop offs in your monetization strategy, reasoning and debug.
6/ API access to all high frequency services. Choose between standard UI or API with zero investments. Our APIs will be accessible via Swagger directly in the UI.
7/ Creative Analytics provides access to all ads that have been shown to users and their ad journey. Also helps understand the impact of ads on churn and LTV.
8/ User Analytics provides access to insights on your users; how they use the apps, how they engage with ads, how much revenue they generate etc...
9/ Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis to help offload the pain of monitoring from monetization teams and help them operate smart.
10/ Support for OMSDK to provide viewable impressions to direct demand and API demand partners.
11/ Support ad rendering, and ad mediation for Rewarded Interstitials, Native and In-stream formats.
12/ Consent Management flow for developers who don’t want to build or use a 3P solution, we offer a built-in solution.
13/ Dynamic timeout optimization to maximize ARPDAU.
14/ Unity Plugin to integrate with apps built on Unity.
15/ Test Suite for seamless SDK integration
We love your feedback. Please reach out to us at for any inputs or clarification.
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