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Top Google Analytics 4 Apps for Shopify

Google Analytics 4 apps remain popular on the Shopify app store, with Google Analytics 4 retaining its position as a leading reporting tool that improves each year. As a Shopify Merchant you would want to use Shopify Analytics apps for:
Effortlessly setting up Google Analytics 4 on your store
Enhancing your reports with advanced features and real-time insights
Simplifying advanced settings for comprehensive data analysis
Ensuring no important feature or report is overlooked
Obtaining support to resolve any Google Analytics and tracking issues
It's crucial to choose your Shopify Google Analytics 4 app wisely, as it's a vital asset for your business. Pay attention to reviews, features, and pricing, and don't hesitate to contact app developers with any queries.

8 Best Google Analytics 4 Apps for Shopify

1. Analyzify
2. Littledata Analytics
3. Blyp: Ai-powered Cro
4. Lara Google Analytics
5. Audience Insights & Analytics
6. Ad Google Analytics 4
7. Profit Analytics & Benchmark
8. Magic Google Analytics 4


(749$ / One time fee)
Analyzify revolutionizes data analytics for Shopify merchants. It integrates with platforms like Google Tag Manager, Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, and Google Ads, offering a comprehensive solution for advanced tracking beyond Shopify's native capabilities.
Plus, Analyzify tracks events like add-to-cart, product list visits, and product list/category clicks, helping in informed decision-making for marketing optimization and enhanced customer experiences.
Designed for ease of use yet packed with features like cross-domain tracking and Google Ads linking, Analyzify is ideal for both beginners and seasoned users seeking to navigate the digital tracking landscape effectively.

Why Analyzify Stands Out?

Comprehensive and Advanced Integrations: Unlike Shopify's native integration, Analyzify tracks a broader range of events and actions, including product list visits and product list/category clicks. This expanded tracking provides a more nuanced understanding of customer behavior on the site
Direct and Trustworthy Support: Analyzify’s team provides exceptional setup service and direct support in configuring data layers. This approach, coupled with regular open-source material updates, ensures that users have the most current solutions and guidance, reinforcing trust and reliability.
Accurate and Enhanced Tracking for Analytics: With GTM Integration and data layers, Analyzify ensures a quality data flow for improved reporting. This results in more accurate and insightful tracking for Google Analytics 4.
Beginner-Friendly, Yet Advanced Solutions: The app's ability to deliver pro solutions in a beginner-friendly format is a significant advantage. Features like referral exclusion, cross-domain tracking, and user-ID setup cater to advanced needs but are presented in a way that is accessible to users with varying levels of expertise.

Some Reviews

“It’s the only implementation for GA4+Shopify so far that provides JavaScript code that Shopify doesn’t strip down when pasting into the checkout settings and saving – (…)”
“Google Analytics 4 is working perfectly; I didn’t have any experience with this. I didn’t need a developer, and I’ve acquired a whole team happy to help me(..)”
“Excellent support was provided by Analyzify Team. Our case was not simple, there were a lot of discrepancies in the measurement. But they handled it with utmost care & deliver a robust and accurate GA4 integration with advanced tracking.”


- Starts At 129$ / Month
Littledata is an advanced tracking app for Shopify, designed to improve the accuracy of sales data in Google Analytics. It works well with other reporting tools like Tableau and Data Studio and integrates seamlessly with Google Tag Manager. This makes it a robust solution for ecommerce tracking.
Littledata Analytics is particularly useful for businesses dealing with multiple currencies and those using popular subscription services like Recharge, Smartrr, Ordergroove, and Bold Subscriptions.

Why Littledata Stands Out?

Efficient and Automatic Tracking: Littledata Analytics simplifies tracking for businesses. It automatically feeds important ecommerce data like checkout details and customer LTV into Google Analytics. This not only saves time but also ensures more reliable data.
Detailed Sales and Subscription Tracking: The app’s strength lies in its ability to track all types of purchases, especially subscriptions, in various currencies. This is a key advantage for global businesses and those focusing on subscription models.
Precise Marketing Analysis: With server-side tracking, the app accurately measures the effectiveness of different marketing channels. This helps businesses fine-tune their marketing strategies and use their budgets more effectively.

Positive Reviews

“This app gives us much more accurate data. The difference between the data from shopify and google analytics has been reduced significantly. Very happy! Customer service is impeccable. Super friendly, quick and helpful.”
“This is a tool you must have in any Shopify store if you use Google Analytics for reporting. It has also a lot of integrations out of the box that will enhance your reports”
“We have been using Littledata for almost 2 years now and are very happy with the consistency of data, the default schemas, and ability to customize and iterate our set-up over time.”

Negative Reviews

“I advise all users to review the events sent in real time – the application works incorrectly. Support, as it responds over time, you wait and receive information that it works great, and buy enterprise. The application also has errors in the panel.”
“Free trial does not provide much data/functionality. We’ve had problems for months getting everything to sync – still doesn’t work. Customer service is condescending. Waste of money and more importantly, time.”
“Free trial is pointless as it only checks your data monthly if it all. Tells me it may take a few minutes, took over 4 hours to pull in 10 weeks of data.”

Blyp: Ai-powered Cro

- Starts At 59$ / Month
Blyp is an AI-powered Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platform designed specifically for Shopify stores. It provides 24/7 monitoring and analysis from various aspects of an e-commerce business, including customer behavior, product performance, and marketing strategies.
Blyp stands out for its ability to offer concise, actionable insights — referred to as "blyps" — that help store owners improve their e-commerce performance. Blyp works by examining every aspect of a Shopify store, identifying hidden opportunities, and suggesting changes to boost sales and increase profits.

Why Blyp Stands Out?

24/7 Comprehensive Store Analysis: Blyp monitors a store's data 24/7, providing a 360-degree view of e-commerce performance. This constant analysis ensures that no opportunity for optimization is missed, allowing store owners to stay on top of their business at all times.
Actionable Insights for Immediate Implementation: The app delivers "snack-bite" insights that are both practical and immediately implementable. These insights, or "blyps," are tailored to enhance various aspects of a store's performance, from customer engagement to product optimization, ensuring quick and effective decision-making.
Optimization of Conversion Rates: As a CRO platform, Blyp focuses on increasing a store's conversions, sales, and profit. By monitoring and analyzing data with an AI-powered approach, Blyp provides insights to enhance conversion strategies, directly impacting the store's revenue and profitability.

Positive Reviews

“awesome to have sophisticated analytics, and CX is amazing. They are even willing to build out new features based on our feedback!”
“Impressed with Blyp – this app provides me with actionable insights, is easy to use, and their team is amazing. Their personalized support and quick responses allow me to truly use their app to improve my business metrics and make strategic decisions.”
“Great app and service- highly recommend for any small business, especially one that doesn’t have an in-house analytics team.”

Lara Google Analytics (GA4)

- $2.99/month
Lara Google Analytics (GA4), launched on May 27, 2021, is designed to work smoothly with the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) version. It is particularly well-suited for analyzing sales and tracking lost shopping carts, which are essential factors in ecommerce performance.
The app makes it easier to track ecommerce metrics by allowing users to see important GA4 metrics, such as visitor sessions, countries, operating systems, and other important statistics, right within the Shopify admin area.
Why Lara Google Analytics Stands Out?
Easy Setup and Automatic Tracking Code Addition: Lara Google Analytics offers a user-friendly setup process, automatically adding the GA4 tracking code to the store. This feature reduces the technical challenges often associated with integrating analytics into an ecommerce platform, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
Real-Time Monitoring and Advanced Filtering: Lara Google Analytics enables real-time monitoring of the shop's visitors, improving the ability to respond quickly to changing patterns in customer behavior. Additionally, the ability to filter orders by various statuses (such as order status, financial status, and fulfillment status) allows for more detailed and targeted analysis.
Complete View of Store Status from Admin Area: The ability to view various Google Analytics metrics alongside store orders and revenue, all from the Shopify store admin area, provides a convenient and comprehensive overview of the store's status.

Positive Reviews

“Very easy to use and informative, loads fast and efficiently, gives much of what you need to test the effectiveness of your marketing and promo efforts, I highly recommend this Lara Google Analytics (GA4) to anyone seeking an accurate marketing effectiveness testing App.”
“A very practical, useful and very easy to install app. Nice UI and comprehensive. I highly recommend it.”

Audience Insights & Analytics

Audience Insights & Analytics is a Shopify app that specializes in customer analytics. This tool is designed to provide detailed information on customer demographics, interests, and behavior to support data-driven decision-making.
Additionally, it explores customer interests such as hobbies, travel, and home & garden, as well as shopping habits like brand loyalty and product preferences.

Why Audience Insights & Analytics Stands Out?

Extensive Data on Customer Segments: The ability to provide data on more than 1,000 audience segments makes Audience Insights & Analytics a comprehensive tool for understanding a diverse customer base. This wide range of data helps businesses tailor their marketing and product strategies to specific demographic and interest groups.
In-depth Demographic Insights: The app's focus on detailed demographics such as age, gender, income, and occupation provides valuable insights for targeted marketing and product development. This information can be used to create more personalized customer experiences and marketing campaigns.
Analysis of Customer Interests and Shopping Habits: By analyzing customer interests and shopping habits, Audience Insights & Analytics enables businesses to understand their customers' preferences and tendencies. This knowledge is essential for optimizing product offerings and marketing messages to align with customer preferences.

Positive Reviews

“Shows detailed and easy to use analytics! Happy with it so far and we haven’t had any issues to date.”

Negative Reviews

“we installed the app and more than 24hrs have past no data is still showing. it only says. Hold Tight! Your segments will begin to populate in as little as 24 hours.”
“This app inserted what appeared to be malicious code into our homepage. It created a white bar at the bottom of the our homepage with hidden text that said “Insert Ad Here!” and what appeared to be a link to some kind of bidding portal. STAY AWAY!!!!”

Ad Google Analytics 4

- $2.95/month
AD Google Analytics 4 is a Shopify app that expands the capabilities of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for Shopify stores. The app focuses on providing advanced features of GA4 with customizable options, ensuring that Shopify store owners can confidently rely on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of their analytics reports.
Why Ad Google Analytics 4 Stands Out?
Improved Tracking Capabilities: The ability to track customer interactions across multiple devices and platforms gives store owners a more complete picture of their audience, which is essential for tailoring marketing strategies and enhancing customer experiences.
Comprehensive User Analytics: Accurate reporting on unique users helps businesses understand their customer demographics better and tailor their offerings to meet specific needs and preferences.
Extensive Data Collection: With no limits on data storage, store owners can gather more comprehensive information, leading to better-informed business decisions.
Advanced Engagement Metrics: The introduction of new metrics for tracking engagement provides deeper insights into how users interact with the store, enabling optimization of content and user interface for better performance.

Positive Reviews

“The app does the job well and is reasonably priced. Prompt support response when I needed too! Happy to recommend”
“I recently downloaded this app as I wanted to find a simple way to get a deeper understanding of Google Analytics 4. I have only had it for a couple of days but found it easy to install and have been pleased with the data I have had so far.”
“We were looking to added GA4 to our shopify without doing anything to our shopify code and Alpesh help us and there was a problem coming initially but he quickly resolved it and its working”

Negative Reviews

“Does not work properly. Gives me error when loading. I do not recommend this app. Slows your website speed.”
“I installed this app to help me with google analytics tracking but I keep getting an error. The app does not work as intended and you cannot create specific audiences. App Gitches”

Conversific Profit Analytics

- Free plan available
Conversific Profit Analytics is a powerful profit calculator and sales analytics tool available in English and Hungarian. This Shopify app integrates with platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Klaviyo.
Conversific Profit Analytics focuses on providing marketing and profit analytics with industry benchmarks, offering a range of ROI-based actionable insights.

Why Profit Analytics & Benchmark Stands Out?

Industry Benchmarking for Competitive Edge: The inclusion of industry benchmarks enables businesses to compare their performance with competitors, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. This feature is crucial for staying competitive and making informed strategic decisions.
In-Depth Profit and Sales Analytics: Its focus on profit tracking and sales analytics, including key metrics like AOV (Average Order Value), LTV (Lifetime Value), and ROAS, allows businesses to gain deep insights into their financial performance and advertising effectiveness.
Customer Segmentation and Buying Pattern Analysis: Analyzing customers' buying patterns and segmenting the audience provides valuable insights into customer behavior. This information is essential for tailoring marketing strategies and improving customer engagement.

Positive Reviews

“Intuitive and powerful app. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like, which is great for different levels within organization. UX/UI is solid, and the customer service is above and beyond.”
“This app is simple to set up. Literally, with the click on one button, it is up and running. The information presented is invaluable and gives you a lot of action items to go away and resolve manually or with their recommendations.”
“The app is doing a great job aggregating data from various sources to process it and transform it into easily digestible information. Well structured and packed with insights you otherwise need to dig for in your Google Analytics or Ads accounts.”

Negative Reviews

“It has way too many things broken. I lost track of all the menus and features that simply don’t work.”
“I like the service that this app provides, however the data is continuously incorrect, and customer service is extremely slow to respond.”
“not helpful for small business, only can check last month status nothing else,…. not found any helpful in this app”

Magic Google Analytics 4

- $5.95/month
Magic Google Analytics 4 is a customer analytics app that integrates with Google Analytics to provide enhanced digital marketing management for Shopify stores. Magic Google Analytics 4 focuses on tracking visitor activity on websites and generating detailed reports.
These reports provide valuable insights into user behaviors, such as where visitors go on the site, how long they stay, and which pages they view.

Why Magic Google Analytics 4 Stands Out

Enhanced visitor tracking and reporting: Magic Google Analytics 4 excels in providing detailed tracking of visitor activity. This feature enables businesses to gain a deep understanding of how customers interact with their website, which is essential for refining marketing strategies and enhancing user experience.
Informed campaign customization: The ability to analyze where visitors go on the site, their duration of stay, and page preferences allows for more effective customization of marketing campaigns. This tailored approach can lead to higher engagement rates and improved conversion rates.
Optimization of digital marketing success rates: Magic Google Analytics 4 is designed to optimize the success rates of digital marketing efforts. By providing detailed insights and analytics, it helps businesses to not only attract but also retain customers more effectively.

Positive Reviews

“.. I am thrilled that there’s an app to help fill the gap of customizing a dataLayer, which I don’t have the skills to do. THANK YOU!! It does take about 2 days for the data to populate, so don’t despair if you don’t see immediate conversions.”

Final Words

When choosing the right Shopify Analytics app, it's important to first figure out what you need. Ask yourself: What specific insights do you want? What are your biggest challenges with analytics?
Then, make sure these needs fit with your business goals. Are you looking for deep customer insights, better e-commerce tracking, or easier reporting?
Also, don't forget about your budget. It's important to weigh the cost of the app against the value it will bring to your business.
The best choice for you will meet your current needs and be able to grow with you, adapting to future changes in the market and supporting your business's growth.

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