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The Best Shopify Google Ads Apps

Google Ads serves as one of the most effective tools to promote the products in your Shopify store and drive more traffic, sales, and conversions.
However, managing, optimizing, or tracking your Google Ads campaigns can be time-consuming and complex, especially if you are not an expert in digital marketing.
That’s why most Shopify merchants turn to Google Ads apps.
Here is a list of the best Google Ads apps for Shopify, covering:
what services they deliver
how they provide these services
their overall ratings & reviews
Discover their features, pricing, performance, and more to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best Google Ads app for your Shopify store.

Top 7 Google Ads Apps for Shopify

Here is a list of the leading Google Ads apps for Shopify stores that stand out in .
Clever: Google Ads & Shopping
CedCommerce Google Feed
Nabu Tracking for Google Ads
Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST
Retargeting for Google Ads
Shopping Feeds & Ad Management


- (749$ / One time fee)
Analyzify provides a comprehensive solution to enhance data collection & analysis for Shopify stores.
Offering a smooth integration with various platforms, including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and Google Ads, Analyzify simplifies setting up & managing marketing and tracking pixels, with a one-click installation process.
As Analyzify supplies Google Ads with extensive data, supporting Enhanced Conversion Tracking and Dynamic Remarketing Pixels, users can monitor conversions daily, comparing Shopify orders against Google Ads conversion data for heightened accuracy.
Unlike standard conversion tracking, which provides limited data, this app enriches Google Ads campaigns with detailed order information, customer parameters, and lifetime value insights.
Analyzify stands out as the most loved solution for Shopify merchants looking to better their Google Ads campaigns.

Benefits of Analyzify

A Super-Easy & One-Click Install: You can start using Analyzify once you complete your setup within a few minutes. You don’t need to have technical background & knowledge, as Analyzify does not require you to configure any codes or make any changes to the theme file.
Exceptional Expert Support: Analyzify's support team offers troubleshooting, professional audits, and clean-up services at no additional cost. You can choose the Done-For-You method to secure a turnkey data analytics setup performed by industry professionals.
10+ Integrations for Better Ecommerce Tracking: With Google Ads, GA4, Bing, TikTok, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest, Clarity, and more, Analyzify provides over ten destinations to integrate. This lets you improve ecommerce tracking & reporting. For example, the Analyzify GA4 & Shopify integration offers more than 20 important ecommerce reports and metrics, unlike the native integration.
User-Friendly Dashboard: In addition to all the tracking capabilities such as Google Ads conversion tracking (+Enhanced) & Dynamic Re-marketing, Analyzify provides an easy-to-use dashboard to help you complete your setup and navigate easily.

Some Reviews

Really incredible and knowledgable team to work with! Clear communication and support throughout the process (...)”.
My Google Ads results have improved significantly, too, with a noticeable increase in conversions and events. The team behind Analyzify is top-notch (...)”.
“The Analyzify team remains amazing. They provide fast, accurate support and are happy to provide either do-it-yourself guidance or do-it-for-me full service. We've been very happy with the ongoing updates to the software as well - have used this on multiple websites over the years.”

Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

- - Starts at $7.99/month

Clever: Google Ads & Shopping allows users to create and manage Google Ads campaigns through an intuitive control panel.
It offers a user-friendly dashboard to monitor metrics, create new campaigns, and utilize features like automatic keyword generation and complimentary banner packs.
The app employs machine learning for automated bidding, enhancing ad performance. The integration with Google Ads and Shopping, along with automation capabilities, is designed to boost campaign efficiency.
The service provides tailored advice based on the metrics of users' Shopify stores, ensuring effective management under various circumstances.

Benefits of Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

Automation: Once you complete your setup, you can get your Google Shopping Feed created and uploaded to Merchant Center effortlessly. You can also benefit from the automated bidding system.
Create & Combine: Clever: Google Ads & Shopping allows you to create and combine Google Ads campaigns. Then, you can manage and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact with detailed reporting and insightful analytics.
Google Ads Conversion Pixel: You can track and measure conversions from your Google Ads campaigns by getting the Google Ads Conversion Pixel installed. It allows you to see how many people are taking specific actions on your website after clicking on your ads. This way, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and optimize them accordingly.

Positive Reviews

Great team. The software gets connected automatically and creates the ad campaign based on the website content. I had some issues (...)”.
I've had a highly positive experience with Clever Ads. Managing multiple campaigns is now a breeze, saving me from the headache of setting them up on my own.
“Easy to use and it's great for businesses/people who are not yet 100% geared up to know how to use Google ads/shopping directly.”

Negative Reviews

I do not recommend it at all, please be aware if your products are already on google, as it caused my products to duplicate and made a lot of problems for my existing products(...)”.
The support is rather useless. I asked a question, but it does not get answered. Instead they write something which is irrelevant to the question I asked. Even the second mail did not get answered(...)”.
“I rarely write 1 star reviews, but this app has absolutely zero support. Even on the pro-plan, there isn't any real account management(...)”.

CedCommerce Google Feed

- - Starts at $4/month
CedCommerce Google Feed integrates Shopify stores with the Google Merchant Center and Google Ads, enabling real-time synchronization of products and orders.
This integration supports targeting multiple countries and currencies and facilitates automatic updates of product information and inventory.
The service works with various Google services, including Shopping Ads, Free Product Listings, Free Local Product Listings, Dynamic Remarketing, and Local Inventory Ads.
With access to real-time data from Google, this app lets users track campaign performance and make informed decisions regarding their advertising strategies.

Benefits of CedCommerce Google Feed

Diverse Google Service Compatibility: The app is compatible with a variety of Google services, including Shopping Ads, Free Product Listings, Dynamic Remarketing, and Local Inventory Ads, providing a range of advertising options.
Automated Product Information Updates: You get your product information and inventory updated automatically, which reduces the manual workload and improves accuracy.
Ongoing Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: CedCommerce Google Feed continuously monitors and adjusts your campaigns based on performance and business goals, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Positive Reviews

Had difficulties with other software apps, that didn't pull information through to Google properly. However, CEDCommerce's Google Feed worked perfectly.
If you need to be able to easily sync your Shopify store products into a Google Merchant account to run Google AdWords campaigns this is definitely(...)”.
“If you find it difficult to manage the various advertising profiles and the errors that may arise, this app is perfect for you.”

Negative Reviews

I lost access to my google merchant account, only account i gave access to was these guys and now for some reason my email cant be used to login to my account.
Absolutely terrible experience! The setup is easy but it has killed our Google ads that have been running 6+ months with high ROAS.
“The next day after installing this app, many of my products were not published on Google (now 48 and 7 before), I checked with their support team(...)”.

Nabu Tracking for Google Ads

- - Starts at $19.99/month
Nabu Tracking for Google Ads offers a solution for conversion tracking in Google Ads campaigns, without the need for coding or theme editing.
Designed for convenience, the app features one-click installation and synchronization, which allows users to efficiently measure the performance and ROI of their Google Ads campaigns easily.
It allows tracking of various elements, including post-purchase upsells, shipping and taxes, and enhanced conversions using first-party data.
Users can view actual sales and conversion values directly in their Google Ads dashboard and reports.

Benefits of Nabu Tracking for Google Ads

Ideal for Non-Technical Users: It requires no technical expertise, making it a good solution for merchants looking to optimize their Shopify store’s performance without technical challenges.
Addressing Ecommerce Tracking Challenges: The app effectively resolves common ecommerce issues like duplicate conversions and missing conversion values.
First-Party Data Transmission for Enhanced Conversions: Nabu Tracking for Google Ads facilitates the safe and privacy-compliant transmission of first-party data to enhance conversion tracking.

Positive Reviews

I've found Adnabu to be an incredibly user-friendly and effective tool for tracking conversions on my Shopify store. The simplicity of (...)”.
“Great app. The pixel will help track my conversions and improve my overall performance. Recommend!”.
“We've had a fantastic experience with Nabu Tracking for Google Ads. As usual, Google makes things overly difficult to get to grips with (...)”.

Negative Reviews

Be careful when you upgrade to the enhanced conversion tracking. Their customer reps have no idea what (...)”.
Installed the 19th May, as per today we never understood if the app worked fine or not. Support was never willing to (...)”.
“The app is easy to install, but when an error occurs it takes ages to get a solution in place from the customer service team.”

Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST

- - Starts at $120/month
Google-Ads-Shopping-AI ST.jpg
Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST focuses on automating advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads through the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI).
The app automates a broad spectrum of digital advertising services, including Google Ads, Google Shopping, Performance Max (Pmax), Search ads, Display ads, and YouTube ads, along with Facebook and Instagram Ads.
For Google Shopping, the app automates adjustments to product feeds and performs real-time optimization of advertising campaigns - which allows for precise customer targeting.
When it comes to Google Ads and Remarketing, Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST specializes in the automated management and ongoing refinement of keywords, ad compositions, bidding strategies, and the selection of high-performing landing pages.

Benefits of Google Ads & Shopping AI: ST

User-Friendly Cross-Platform Dashboard: You get a dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of online marketing performance across various channels, making it easier to track and understand the impact of advertising efforts.
Advanced AI Automation: The app automates Google Ads and Facebook Ads using sophisticated AI technology, streamlining the entire advertising process.
Optimized Landing Page Selection: It automatically selects the most effective landing pages for ads, enhancing conversion rates and overall campaign success.

Positive Reviews

At first I was hesitant when I was suggested the APP by PayPal as a way to boost sales, when I first installed it, I broke even what I invested in the first month (...)”.
“We have been working together for three months now, and the sales are showing promising results.”
“The best advertising platform ever! we have got amazing results with storeya and our sales increase over time(...)”.

Negative Reviews

I had been using StoreYa for several years. My spend was higher in the beginning and the results were pretty good. Over the last year or 6 months, things definitely changed(...)”.
We left the app over a month running. The ROAS did not reach even 1, so we consistently lost money. I do not recall how much (...)”.
“As a small business I need the refund but I am not going to remove what truly happened while trying your marketing service.”

Retargeting for Google Ads by AdNabu

- - Starts at $9.99/month
Retargeting for Google Ads is an innovative solution for the installation and maintenance of the Google Ads Dynamic Retargeting Pixel.
It simplifies the process with a one-click retargeting solution that automatically implements the dynamic retargeting code across the user's store, with no manual coding needed.
The app spares users from constant monitoring and manual updating, ensuring effective retargeting without requiring technical expertise.
Also, the app facilitates the creation of targeted audiences within Google Ads, enhancing the precision of remarketing strategies for specific groups like cart abandoners and homepage visitors.

Benefits of Retargeting for Google Ads by AdNabu

Simplified Pixel Installation: You are provided a one-click solution for installing the Google Ads Dynamic Retargeting Pixel.
Error Reduction: By automating the pixel installation process, the risk of human error is significantly reduced, ensuring more reliable retargeting campaigns.
Improved Campaign Effectiveness: By targeting specific user segments, the app helps you craft more relevant and impactful remarketing strategies.

Positive Reviews

Installation was quick and easy. Very nice with the added remarketing audiences created by the app, and super fast (...)”.
“Great support! The app works like it's supposed to. It made setting up dynamic retargeting with Google Ads so much easier and saved us (...)”.
“Saves so much time. I have more time to focus on our campaigns now that Adnabu has grouped everything for me.”

Negative Reviews

It was working at first, then we weren't able to log in and the app kept getting issues every time we tried to open it (...)”.
I think that this app is practically useless, it reduces your audience and above all in my humble opinion(...)”.
“They only install a Javascript Code on your pages which allows you to run Retargeting ads. This app doesn't set up any ads for you (...)”.

Shopping Feeds & Ad Management

- - Starts at $10/month
Shopping Feeds & Ad Management helps users create and manage product feeds on various advertising platforms, enhancing product reach, attracting more traffic, and increasing sales.
Key functionalities include automated generation and submission of product feeds to major ad channels like Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and more.
The service also provides tools for managing and optimizing Shopping ads on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Meta/Instagram, all from a centralized, user-friendly platform.
Additionally, it features detailed feed and ad performance analytics for each channel, aiding in data-driven decision-making to refine advertising approaches.

Benefits of Shopping Feeds & Ad Management

Automated Product Feed Generation: It automatically generates and submits product feeds to major advertising channels like Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook/Instagram, and Pinterest, simplifying the process.
Consistency Across Platforms: The app ensures consistency and accuracy in product information across multiple advertising platforms.
Comprehensive Ad Management Tools: You are offered tools for managing and optimizing Shopping ads on platforms like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Meta/Instagram, all from a single platform.

Positive Reviews

Great app so far, pretty easy setup and has a lot of features. Support and live chat is amazing”.
“This app really makes everything with google ads and product feed so much easier and understandable.”
“This app works really well and is not too hard to learn once you take some time to explore it! We initially started with a full-service option and worked with (...)”.

Negative Reviews

Wish I could give a negative Star. Paid for there Managed services and account never performed causing losses in ad revenue (...)”.
It's much more expensive than other feed apps out there. When you spend $500 on ad spent they are going to charge you $50 which is 10% of your spend (...)”.
“They only install a Javascript Code on your pages which allows you to run Retargeting ads. This app doesn't set up any ads for you (...)”.

Final Words

In conclusion, the diverse range of Google Ads apps available on Shopify app store presents powerful tools to enhance improve your advertising efforts.
Each app, with its unique features and capabilities, caters to different aspects of advertising – from streamlined campaign management and precise targeting to automated feed generation and insightful analytics.
By choosing the right one for your needs, you can significantly improve your ad performance, drive higher traffic, and ultimately achieve greater sales and ROI.
The key to success lies in selecting the right app that aligns with specific business needs and goals, ensuring an optimized and effective online advertising experience.
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