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Best Shopify SEO Apps

Boosting your Shopify store means finding the right tools to help it show up better in search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) apps are key for this, as they help make your store more visible online.
Choosing the best SEO app for your Shopify store isn't easy. That's why we've put together a list of the best 7 Shopify SEO apps. We looked at what's unique about each app and what people are saying about them.
This list is meant to make your choice simpler, helping you find an app that's just right for your store's needs and helps you get noticed more in search results.


- $1,490/year
Risify shines as a leading SEO app for Shopify, crafted to boost your store's visibility and performance. It's packed with a variety of features, offering a full suite of tools for SEO optimization. Risify is an all-in-one solution for Shopify merchants aiming to improve their SEO.
With a combination of professional audits, AI-driven tools, and expert assistance, it stands out as an effective option for increasing organic traffic and climbing search rankings.

Why Risify Stands Out?
Detects SEO Issues Automatically: Risify finds and suggests fixes for SEO problems, helping improve your store's online presence.
Speeds Up Your Site: It focuses on making your website load faster, which is great for visitors and for appearing higher in search results.
Improves How Search Engines See Your Pages: By using JSON-LD structured data, Risify makes your pages more attractive in search results.
Detailed SEO Audits: You get in-depth audits, offering a clear strategy for your store’s SEO, along with insights into competitors.
Smart Meta Tag Creation: The app uses AI to create meta tags, making the process quicker and more effective.
Tracks Keywords Daily: Keeps an eye on your keywords, alerting you to changes so you can adjust your SEO tactics accordingly.

Some Reviews

Our website was not performing well at all organically when I reached out to Risify and their team to see if they could help. Within a few weeks of installing Risify and working with Erman and his team we started to see improvement. Now a few months later our site is ranking so much higher in organic search for keywords that are so important to our traffic and user acquisition goals. Conversions are starting to pick up too as we enter our busiest quarter. I highly recommend Risify for anyone needing to improve their SEO - their attention to detail and customer service is impeccable.
I didn't have any SEO focus before. Risify app and team has been a huge help. The site audit showed all the errors I should fix - the team helped in each step. I track keywords on daily basis. I write meta titles & descriptions & FAQs easily with Risify AI. I already have better rankings after 2-3 months of usage. Huge thanks to the team and surely recommended for SEO.
I have been using this App for 1-2 months now and I must say it is one of the best SEO apps here. Keyword tracking & site audit are my favorite features. It's clear and easy to use and their customer service is top-notch. We even jumped into a few SEO strategy calls. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an SEO app!

Smart SEO

- - Free plan available
For Shopify store owners, Smart SEO is a handy tool that helps in getting their store noticed on search engines. It's easy to use and works towards boosting your store's position in search results, which can attract more visitors and increase sales. The app is packed with features that simplify SEO, making it less overwhelming, especially for those new to SEO.
The Smart SEO App's Main Features:
AI-Driven Meta Tag Creation: Smart SEO uses advanced AI (like ChatGPT-4 Turbo) to automatically create effective meta tags for your products, making your content more search engine friendly.
Image and Website Speed Enhancement: The app improves the loading speed of your store's images and pages. This not only betters the user experience but also helps in achieving higher search engine rankings.
Structured Data for Enhanced Search Engine Comprehension: Smart SEO adds specialized data (JSON-LD) to your site, aiding search engines like Google in better understanding and listing your content.
Automatic Link Repair: The app identifies and fixes broken links on your website, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for your visitors.
Detailed Backlinks Analysis: Smart SEO provides comprehensive reports on backlinks, a key element in developing an effective SEO strategy.

Positive Reviews

“Outstanding app with top-notch customer support. I faced an issue with my structured data, and the team assisted swiftly and efficiently. Thanks to Smart SEO, my Shopify store now runs flawlessly. Highly recommend to all store owners!”
“Smart SEO has outstanding customer service, and they are always ready and willing to help you with any challenges you happen to face. All it takes is a bit of courage to send them a message ;) Also, the app is easy to use and improves the speed of our site ⭐️”

Negative Reviews

The target keyword dissapeared in all my products without sudden explanation, and the broken links section never worked. Costly and non effective.
No SEO results, No Website speed results. They asked for a second chance, we believed them and we gave it to them, it’s a pity that they didn't live up to our expectations. Conclusion: they are not professionals in this field.

Plug In SEO

- - From $29.99/month
Plug In SEO is a complete SEO optimization tool made just for Shopify merchants. It's all about boosting your store's organic traffic and helping it climb up the search rankings. With a variety of SEO tools and automated features, it makes it much easier to get your store noticed by potential customers.
Plug In SEO: The Go-To SEO App for Shopify Stores
SEO Checkups and Fixes: The app checks your store for any SEO problems and guides you with easy steps to fix them. It makes optimizing your site simpler.
SEO Templates for Better Content: Plug In SEO offers templates that help your blogs and pages rank higher for specific keywords, making your content more visible.
Structured Data and Link Fixes: The app uses JSON-LD structured data and repairs any broken links. This boosts your keyword targeting and helps your store rank better in search results.
Learn SEO Easily: Plug In SEO also offers educational videos and in-depth articles on SEO, backed by support from their expert team. This helps make SEO easy to understand and apply.

Positive Reviews

“Fantastic customer service and great app! I reached out to them regarding a question for our store and we got immediate and extensive feedback and they even offered us to do an SEO check.”
“We have been using Plug In SEO for years. We leverage the app's dynamic SEO content feature to save weeks of work, if not months. The support team is knowledgeable and helpful. We will recommend Plug In SEO to anyone who needs to manage SEO on large number of pages in their Shopify stores.”

Negative Reviews

“Horrible customer service.. they invited me to use their extra service to speed up my website. They promised to get job done within 2 weeks but ended up nothing done for 1 month. I would have given 0 star if possible”
“In my opinion it a funnelling, not an app. They want you to install it to put you on plan. I also left with SEO fields inside my theme I cant get rid off after uninstall. thanks”

Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer

- - Free to install
Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer is tailored for Shopify stores, focusing on improving website speed and SEO rankings. It comes packed with features to speed up pages and enhance user experience, aiming to boost both your site's visibility and sales.
Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer's Key Features:
Easy One-Click Optimization: With just one click, you can boost your site’s SEO and page speed. This is really important for getting more sales and better conversion rates.
A Wide Range of Tools: This app packs a punch with a speed booster, image optimizer, SEO audit, metadata templates, Google schema, tools to manage broken links, create sitemaps and index pages, optimize image alt texts, and even research keywords.
Access to SEO Experts: Tapita also gives you the chance to get help and advice from SEO specialists, making it easier to handle any SEO challenges you might face.

Positive Reviews

“Can't say enough good things about the app and the support received. The app vastly improved the speed of my store compared with another app and they also fixed metadata issues. This agent who helped me was amazing and helpful. This app is seriously a must have. Beats so many others out of the water.”
“I would highly recommend this application! Very responsive support and they helped me step-by-step. Tapita support and app are awesome. Happy with this App”

Negative Reviews

“don't install this app. this app has ruined my theme entirely that i had worked on for days. Unfortunately I hadn't taken any backup. On top of that their customer service is very bad, they don't help with anything.”
“The worst part is the support team. They are rude, unprofessional, and even blackmailing. They threatened to review instantly after installing the app and disabled app functions after 3-4 hours when they failed to get a review. This is unacceptable and illegal. Do not download this app or trust these scammers. You have been warned.”...

SEO Doctor

- - Free plan available
SEO Doctor is all about helping Shopify store owners handle common SEO issues effectively. It's geared towards enhancing your site's visibility and performance in a user-friendly way, making SEO less of a challenge and more of an opportunity for growth.
SEO Doctor's Key Features:
Fixing Common SEO Issues: SEO Doctor helps you tackle usual SEO problems like tweaking meta tags, fixing broken links, and sorting image file names.
Easy-to-Follow Checklist: It offers a step-by-step checklist specifically for your products, making SEO tasks easier to handle.
Autopilot for Bulk Fixes: There's an autopilot mode where you can set conditions and rules to fix multiple issues at once, which is a great time-saver.
Track Your SEO Progress: The app keeps an eye on your SEO improvement with a dynamic score and a ranking chart.

Positive Review

“Amazing app and even better service. John and the team helped me through the process and the app really is helping fix up my SEO and speed up my website. Highly recommended.”
“Brilliant app - name says it all. Customer support spot on from day one and seen an increase in sales within days. Tried lots of SEO apps and most did not work or actually damaged your current SEO. This one works and fully auto. If I could give it 6 stars I would”

Negative Review

“Free version of no use, all included features are of no value, you find online better analysis tools. Very pushy, I simply don't like this way of advertisement.”
“Doesn't know who writes these good reviews, this app ( & Service) is good for nothing. It's not improving anything, they keep telling me that they are working on the sites, but it's just a big rip-off. Go somewhere else!”


- - Free plan available
With Sitemapper Pro, you can improve both the SEO performance and customer navigation of your Shopify store. It's designed to create a detailed sitemap of all your products, making it easier for your customers to find and buy what they're looking for. This not only enhances their shopping experience but also helps in making your store more visible on search engines.
Sitemapper Pro Sitemap Builder's Key Features:
Better Store Navigation: It creates a detailed sitemap page, making it super easy for customers to find what they're looking for in your store.
SEO Boost: By linking to all your pages, Sitemapper Pro makes your store more search-engine friendly, helping your site show up better in search results.
Helps Increase Sales: The app helps boost your sales by making it faster for customers to find their desired products.
Improves Search Rankings: It focuses on improving your store's ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.
Automated Content Updates: Sitemapper Pro saves you time by automatically updating your pages and products.

Positive Reviews

“We had an incredible customer service experience with Thuong Mai. He was always ready to help, very polite, and assisted us with our sitemap. His commitment to providing exceptional support was truly impressive.”...
“I was very impressed with Thuong Mai from Sitemapper. My question was answered in a timely manner. They went the extra mile. I would highly recommend them. Thaks again.”

Negative Reviews

“Terrible customer support. I had issues with my sitemap so I sent several messages over a 3 day period. I sent these messages both by their app chat feature as well as to their support email address. I never received a reply from them. I had no choice but to remove their app. Very frustrating experience.”
“no response from customer service after several reminders. It's disappointing and I'm uninstalling the app” Product Reviews

- Free plan available
image.png is all about making your Shopify store stand out through customer reviews. It's easy to use, works in 38 languages, and helps in turning customer feedback into more sales and better engagement. Think of it as a tool that lets your happy customers do the talking, attracting more shoppers to your store.'s Key Features:
Unlimited Review Request Emails: You can send as many emails as you want asking for reviews, and customers can even add photos or videos right in the email.
Flexible Display Choices: The app provides widgets to show off star ratings, store and product reviews, trust badges, and even review carousels.
Social Media Friendly: Lets you share reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and integrates with Google Shopping for even more visibility.
Engaging Reviewers: Includes cool features to keep reviewers involved, like Q&A sessions, offering coupons, and connecting with email marketing tools.
Widespread Review Sharing: Automatically shares product reviews on the Shop app, Facebook, and Instagram, spreading the word about your products.

Positive Reviews

“I would love to start with the fact that the customer service at is absolutely amazing! While, the app is built perfectly well, i still find myself struggling some small issues, but there super fast responses on the chat has made my life easy. Love the fact that you can import reviews as well”
“We've been using for years now. It works so well and I appreciate all the additional features and integrations they keep adding. Any time I've had to reach out to their tech support they reply quickly and a very helpful. Thanks team!!”

Negative Reviews

“this app was doing great for my site until it started creating false reviews. it was generating bad reviews about my products. had to uninstall. don't recommend”
“It didn't perform well and it does not have enough features like other review app does. It slows down the website. And I want a refund.”

Final Thoughts

In selecting the best SEO app for your Shopify store, begin by identifying your specific needs. Consider which aspects of your site's SEO are most important to track. What are the main challenges you face in optimizing and managing your store's search engine presence?
Ensure that the app you choose aligns with your business objectives. Are you looking for in-depth SEO analysis, simple management of SEO practices, or improved integration with your existing tools?
Budget considerations are also crucial. Strike a balance between the cost of the app and the advantages it offers, particularly in enhancing the precision of your SEO strategies and the effectiveness of your online presence.
The ideal choice will not only satisfy your current needs but also be adaptable enough to evolve with your business and stay abreast of ongoing changes in SEO trends, thus supporting your business's ongoing growth.
If you haven't yet decided which Shopify SEO App is best for you, you might want to read this article about the .
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