5 Best Shopify Google Tag Manager Apps

The success of your Shopify store depends on choosing the right tools for managing and analyzing data. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is essential for this, as it effectively manages marketing and tracking tags.
However, finding and choosing the right GTM app can be challenging. To assist you, we have listed the top 5 Shopify GTM apps, highlighting their distinct features and user reviews.
This curated selection is designed to simplify your decision-making process, ensuring you choose an app that aligns perfectly with your store's needs and enhances your overall marketing strategy.

Best Shopify Google Tag Manager Apps

1. Analyzify
2. Elevar Conversion Tracking
3. Littledata
4. Easy Tag ‑ GTM & Data Layer
5. GTManager


(749$ / One time fee)
Analyzify is changing the game for Shopify merchants in data analytics. It seamlessly integrates with platforms like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, and Google Ads, offering a full-spectrum solution for advanced tracking that goes beyond what Shopify's native tools offer.
Key to its functionality, Analyzify tracks crucial events such as add-to-cart actions, product list visits, and product list/category clicks.
Designed for simplicity yet rich in features like cross-domain tracking and Google Ads linking, Analyzify is the go-to tool for both beginners and experienced users looking to master the complexities of digital tracking.
Why Analyzify Stands Out?
Comprehensive and Advanced Integrations: Analyzify goes further than Shopify's built-in features, tracking a wider array of events like product list visits and product/category clicks. This extended tracking capability offers a deeper insight into customer behavior on your site.
Direct and Trustworthy Support: The Analyzify team provides exceptional setup service and hands-on support in configuring data layers. Their approach, combined with regular updates to open-source materials, ensures users stay ahead with the latest solutions and advice, enhancing trust and reliability.
Accurate and Enhanced Tracking for Analytics: Through its GTM Integration and sophisticated data layers, Analyzify guarantees high-quality data flow for better reporting, leading to more precise and insightful tracking in Google Analytics 4.
Lightweight Setup Method: Analyzify's Lightweight setup method stands out for its simplicity and speed. It allows for quick integration with GA4, Google Ads, and Bing in just 5 minutes, providing essential e-commerce tracking and reporting without extra coding or Google Tag Manager involvement​

Some Reviews

“If you're looking for an app to simplify your data collection and analytics, Analyzify is outstanding!Their turnkey setup and expert support make it a breeze to integrate with Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and more. The dashboard is user-friendly, and the troubleshooting system is top-notch. I highly recommend Analyzify. Their best-in-class support is the cherry on top!”
“The support team is exceptionally excellent. A contact person reliably and competently guides you through the setup, is always available and also provides further tips and assistance. Tracking via the app runs immediately, implementing platforms / sources is a breeze. Absolute recommendation.”
“I have never seen a company so dedicated to client success. They troubleshoot until things are right. You cannot go wrong with Analyzify.”

Elevar Conversion Tracking

- Free plan available
Elevar Conversion Tracking is a tool that helps direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands track their conversions more accurately. It turns shopper activities into well-organized, traceable events with details about who did what, and then sends this information to all the marketing channels you're using.
One of the good things about Elevar is that it's very careful and thorough. The app makes sure to capture and report every conversion, no matter how small or unusual, to over 40 different marketing channels.
Why Elevar Stands Out?
Server-Side Tracking: This sends conversion data from the Elevar server to marketing channels, making sure it's almost 100% accurate and follows GDPR rules.
Customer Data: Elevar collects customer-specific information, such as email address, user ID, customer ID, phone number, addresses, and more. This data can be linked with consent providers like OneTrust to make sure it's used in a way that protects privacy.
Client-Side & Server-Side Tracking: Elevar provides both client-side and server-side tracking options to adapt to the evolving requirements of marketing channels. The primary goal is to collect first-party data for more accurate performance reporting and audience automation.

Positive Reviews

“Just a fantastic overall experience. Easy to use, excellent support. An excellent investment to make sure your conversion is tracking correctly.”
“One of the very best apps in the Shopify ecosystem. Shopify and the various advertising/analytics/etc. platforms are constantly making changes that can throw off your data, but Elevar makes it easy to keep things in good shape.”

Negative Reviews

...”The funnels feature setup is difficult to understand as it doesn't provide enough tooltips to understand what things like "matches regex" is and we discovered the funnels data was completely unreliable as the founder said the "Google Analytics API was having issues," yet we haven't received any updates on it being fixed, so the promised funnels feature is just inoperable.”...
...“Elevar's Google Ads conversion action never recorded as many conversions or conversion value as the Google Ads conversion action during my entire time with Elevar, so if you're planning to install in the hope that you'll get more conversions, I expect you'll be disappointed.”...


- Starts At 129$ / Month
Littledata is a tool that can help Shopify merchants track their sales, marketing, and customer data in one central location. This can help them identify trends, make better business decisions, and improve their overall performance.
It integrates smoothly with a variety of tools and platforms, including Shopify Flow, Recharge, Klaviyo, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and more.
Why Littledata Stands Out?
Detailed Conversion Tracking: Littledata guarantees that every conversion is meticulously tracked, encompassing a diverse range of eCommerce activities like subscriptions, checkout stages, upsells, and lifetime value (LTV) analysis.
Server-Side Tracking and gtag Integration: The app employs server-side tracking and the latest gtag integration to capture precise eCommerce behavior, including exact order volumes, marketing attribution, and checkout stages.
Detailed eCommerce Data Monitoring: Littledata tracks a wide range of detailed metrics, such as product list details, click-through rates (CTR), product variants, and multi-currency sales. It also captures recurring payments in Google Analytics.

Positive Reviews

“Littledata is probably the only place to go in order to get all analytics data collected right. Support is fast and really cooperative.The knowledge and tutorials on how to integrate with various platforms for Shopify is amazing.”
“This app works well and has helped in get our data clean again post the iOS / Facebook issues. Our data is way more clean and accurate after using LittleData, no doubt about it.”

Negative Reviews

“Not much value in this app. Free trial does not provide much data/functionality. We've had problems for months getting everything to sync - still doesn't work. Customer service is condescending. Waste of money and more importantly, time.”
“The littledata app isn't tracking the events well. Some days it misses 100% of the events, some days it counts double. The biggest issue is that it is attributing the ads incorrectly. Sales generated by one ad is attributed to a totally different ad. The support is slow and useless. I'm seeking help with events on FB but they're tell me how to fix it in google analytics.”

Easy Tag ‑ GTM & Data Layer

- $349 One-time charge
Easy Tag - GTM & Data Layer is a Shopify app that was released on November 18, 2020. It helps Shopify store owners use Google Tag Manager (GTM) more easily and effectively. The app is especially popular for its user-friendly way to track and analyze data.
Easy Tag - GTM & Data Layer makes it simple to collect and report data accurately and quickly, so Shopify merchants can make informed decisions about their marketing campaigns.

Why Easy Tag Stands Out?

Simple and fast GTM implementation: Easy Tag makes it easy to install and configure GTM, even for users with limited technical experience.
Pre-built data layer for ecommerce events: Easy Tag provides a pre-built data layer that encompasses all key ecommerce events, so you don't have to create one from scratch.
Wide range of ready-made tags: Easy Tag offers over 50 ready-made tags, so you don't have to create your own tags for common marketing and analytics platforms.

Positive Reviews

“Very easy to install the app ! Friendly and reactive support on a video call few minutes after sending a message. Thanks !”
“Easy tag is a perfect app to set up a data layer and improve conversion rate for your ads. Furthermore they offer an amazing assistance in the setting up process of the data layer and if you have issues with the app.”

Negative Reviews

...“There is no guide at all on how you can setup the code, when i want to install the tags, it show we need to add an ID which is something is not telling you on where to get or how, I just setup the tags without an ID and here comes the problem. They are not working and i have to remove them all but there is no option to re do the process. its one time and if you missed up then you have to hire someone who is expert to remove the code and re fix everything from scratch.”...


- Free plan available
GTManager is a Shopify app that makes it easy for merchants to manage Google Tag Manager (GTM) without needing to know how to code. The app provides comprehensive data layer and server-side tracking features, making sure that conversions and website traffic are tracked accurately and reliably.
GTManager also helps merchants simplify their conversion tracking and website analytics, giving them valuable insights into how their website is performing and how their marketing efforts are doing.
Why GTManager Stands Out?
Effortless Tag Management: GTManager's intuitive design makes it easy to manage and update Google Tags without any coding knowledge.
Enhanced Tracking and Analytics: The app provides comprehensive data layer and server-side tracking capabilities, ensuring accurate and reliable tracking of conversions, website traffic, and user behavior patterns.
GDPR Compliance: GTManager's GDPR consent management features ensure that data collection and tracking are compliant with privacy regulations, protecting customer data and reducing the risk of legal issues.

Positive Reviews

“This app suits our needs completely. The support team has been as responsive as you get. They get things done.We had some issues initially, but I don't expect everything to work out of the gate, but the support team has been extremely helpful, and the response time is impressive.”
“So glad we have this. It was really simple to set up, the support and communication has been great. Now we can manage all of our tracking in one place with easy. Thank you!.”

Negative Reviews

“We tried to install Google Tag Manager App, and after 6 frustrating days we had to uninstall the app to go for an alternative solution. Customer support was poor: hardly responsive, inefficient.”
...“Not just poor customer service, completely non-existent customer service. Now we have to hire somebody to go in and clean up the code they left behind.”

Final Words

When selecting the ideal Google Tag Manager app for your Shopify store, the first step is to clearly define your requirements. Consider the following: What kind of data do you need to track? What are your primary challenges in managing tags and tracking?
Ensure that the app you choose aligns with your business objectives. Are you in need of advanced tracking capabilities, streamlined tag management, or more effective integration with your marketing tools?
Budget should also be a key consideration. It's important to balance the cost of the app with the value it will add to your business, especially in terms of improved data accuracy and marketing efficiency.
The optimal choice will not only fulfill your immediate needs but also have the capacity to adapt as your business grows and as market trends evolve, thereby supporting the continuous development of your business.
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