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Best Shopify Conversion Tracking Apps

Running a successful Shopify store means knowing how well your ads and pages convert visitors into buyers. To improve this, you need good tools to track your conversions.
Finding the right app for conversion tracking can be tricky with so many choices out there. To help, we've picked out the top 8 Shopify conversion tracking apps based on their features and what users say about them.
This list is here to help you quickly choose an app that fits what your store needs and helps you grow your sales by making better marketing decisions.

Top 8 Conversion Tracking Apps for Shopify

Nabu Tracking for Google Ads
Omega – Facebook Pixels & Feed


- (749$ / One time fee)
Analyzify provides a comprehensive solution to enhance data collection & analysis for Shopify stores.
Offering a smooth integration with various platforms, including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and Google Ads, Analyzify simplifies setting up & managing marketing and tracking pixels, with a one-click installation process.
As Analyzify supplies Google Ads with extensive data, supporting Enhanced Conversion Tracking and Dynamic Remarketing Pixels, users can monitor conversions daily, comparing Shopify orders against Google Ads conversion data for heightened accuracy.
Unlike standard conversion tracking, which provides limited data, this app enriches Google Ads campaigns with detailed order information, customer parameters, and lifetime value insights.
Analyzify stands out as the most loved solution for Shopify merchants looking to better their Google Ads campaigns.

Benefits of Analyzify

A Super-Easy & One-Click Install: You can start using Analyzify once you complete your setup within a few minutes. You don’t need to have technical background & knowledge, as Analyzify does not require you to configure any codes or make any changes to the theme file.
Exceptional Expert Support: Analyzify's support team offers troubleshooting, professional audits, and clean-up services at no additional cost. You can choose the Done-For-You method to secure a turnkey data analytics setup performed by industry professionals.
10+ Integrations for Better Ecommerce Tracking: With Google Ads, GA4, Bing, TikTok, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest, Clarity, and more, Analyzify provides over ten destinations to integrate. This lets you improve ecommerce tracking & reporting. For example, the Analyzify GA4 & Shopify integration offers more than 20 important ecommerce reports and metrics, unlike the native integration.
User-Friendly Dashboard: In addition to all the tracking capabilities such as Google Ads conversion tracking (+Enhanced) & Dynamic Re-marketing, Analyzify provides an easy-to-use dashboard to help you complete your setup and navigate easily.

Some Reviews

Really incredible and knowledgable team to work with! Clear communication and support throughout the process (...)”.
My Google Ads results have improved significantly, too, with a noticeable increase in conversions and events. The team behind Analyzify is top-notch (...)”.
“The Analyzify team remains amazing. They provide fast, accurate support and are happy to provide either do-it-yourself guidance or do-it-for-me full service. We've been very happy with the ongoing updates to the software as well - have used this on multiple websites over the years.”


- - ($7.99/month.)
FBtrack Shopify App.png
FBTrack is a Shopify app that improves Facebook ads for online stores by offering advanced tracking. Since its launch on September 26, 2018, by Optiapps, it tackles the tracking challenges caused by the iOS 14.5+ update. It focuses on making Facebook Pixel and Conversions API tracking more effective.
Key Features:
Multiple Facebook Pixels: You can integrate more than one Facebook pixel.
Unlimited Conversions API Tracking: There's no limit on tracking conversions, enhancing ad targeting.
Overcomes Tracking Restrictions: Addresses the limitations introduced by recent iOS updates.
Server-Side Tracking: Tracks user actions like adding to cart and purchases accurately on the server side, improving ad targeting.
Easy Pixel Management: Managing your pixels is straightforward and quick.
FBTrack records activities like cart additions and purchases accurately, which helps in targeting ads better and may increase sales.
The app offers quick, professional help for any issues, improving user experience. It's great for businesses that manage multiple stores or a wide range of products, as it lets you link specific ads to specific products or collections easily.

Positive Reviews

accurate data reporting, easy to set up app and a professional customer support when I need some help. Perfect combination of what I call an amazing pixel app
Very good customer support! I have encountered some minor trouble along the way but thanks to their awesome staff, we have solved them together. Thank you!
This app helped me with firing my purchase events properly. I have to uninstall the previous app I have cause it doesn't work. Now everything runs smoothly as just how I want it

Negative Reviews

Many bugs (many pixels installed and cannot remove them). Support does not exist anymore. Too bad it used to be a good app
The app is no more working as promised and we have lost a lot of money because of it. Highly disappointed with the experience. Rating it singlet star after 3-4 months of happy usage. The app has gone wrong since last month.”

Nabu Tracking for Google Ads

- - Starts at $19.99/month
Nabu Tracking for Google Ads offers a solution for conversion tracking in Google Ads campaigns, without the need for coding or theme editing.
Designed for convenience, the app features one-click installation and synchronization, which allows users to efficiently measure the performance and ROI of their Google Ads campaigns easily.
It allows tracking of various elements, including post-purchase upsells, shipping and taxes, and enhanced conversions using first-party data.
Users can view actual sales and conversion values directly in their Google Ads dashboard and reports.

Benefits of Nabu Tracking for Google Ads

Ideal for Non-Technical Users: It requires no technical expertise, making it a good solution for merchants looking to optimize their Shopify store’s performance without technical challenges.
Addressing Ecommerce Tracking Challenges: The app effectively resolves common ecommerce issues like duplicate conversions and missing conversion values.
First-Party Data Transmission for Enhanced Conversions: Nabu Tracking for Google Ads facilitates the safe and privacy-compliant transmission of first-party data to enhance conversion tracking.

Positive Reviews

I've found Adnabu to be an incredibly user-friendly and effective tool for tracking conversions on my Shopify store. The simplicity of (...)”.
“Great app. The pixel will help track my conversions and improve my overall performance. Recommend!”.
“We've had a fantastic experience with Nabu Tracking for Google Ads. As usual, Google makes things overly difficult to get to grips with (...)”.

Negative Reviews

Be careful when you upgrade to the enhanced conversion tracking. Their customer reps have no idea what (...)”.
Installed the 19th May, as per today we never understood if the app worked fine or not. Support was never willing to (...)”.
“The app is easy to install, but when an error occurs it takes ages to get a solution in place from the customer service team.”

Elevar Conversion Tracking

- Free plan available
Elevar Conversion Tracking is a tool that helps direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands track their conversions more accurately. It turns shopper activities into well-organized, traceable events with details about who did what, and then sends this information to all the marketing channels you're using.
Features include:
Works with Other Platforms: Connects with big marketing services like Facebook CAPI, Google Ads, and GA4.
Provides Detailed Data: Gives deep insights and analytics.
Manages Complex Tracking: Handles sophisticated tracking requirements efficiently.
The app makes it easier to understand customer shopping habits by organizing actions into clear, trackable events. It supports enhancements to shopping sessions and the checkout process.

Positive Reviews

“Just a fantastic overall experience. Easy to use, excellent support. An excellent investment to make sure your conversion is tracking correctly.”
“One of the very best apps in the Shopify ecosystem. Shopify and the various advertising/analytics/etc. platforms are constantly making changes that can throw off your data, but Elevar makes it easy to keep things in good shape.”

Negative Reviews

...”The funnels feature setup is difficult to understand as it doesn't provide enough tooltips to understand what things like "matches regex" is and we discovered the funnels data was completely unreliable as the founder said the "Google Analytics API was having issues," yet we haven't received any updates on it being fixed, so the promised funnels feature is just inoperable.”...
...“Elevar's Google Ads conversion action never recorded as many conversions or conversion value as the Google Ads conversion action during my entire time with Elevar, so if you're planning to install in the hope that you'll get more conversions, I expect you'll be disappointed.”...

Omega - Facebook Pixels & Feed

- From $15.99/month.
Omega - Facebook Pixels & Feed is a powerful tool for Shopify store owners seeking to optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns and gain actionable insights into customer behavior.
This comprehensive app simplifies the pixel setup process, provides accurate ad performance tracking, and offers advanced features that enhance your marketing strategies.
Key Features of Omega:
Easy Facebook Pixel Setup: Omega simplifies the often complex process of setting up Facebook Pixel, allowing you to get started in just two minutes.
Optimizing ROAS: It provides real-time UTM attribution reports that track every ad, helping to optimize your Return on Ad Spend.
Intuitive Dashboard for Pixel Management: Omega's centralized pixel management system simplifies the process of managing multiple pixels, ensuring that your tracking is consistent and effective.

Positive Reviews

“We have purchse count issues on facebook ads and shopify. This app is powerful, which can help us track FB advertising data more accurately. Supper fast and good customer service”
“I use the app to connect the pixel and conversion API and also to set up a catalog. It was fairly simple and I got good support from the customer service live chat”

Negative Reviews

“This application is of substandard quality. Despite the availability of customer service within the first 24 hours, subsequent communication has been lacking. Additionally, the application experiences technical difficulties, resulting in poor transmission of event notifications.”
“i would not recommend this app to anyone! super confusing set up and the support just make you more confused! the instructions and videos they send you does not correlate with your business settings. ive used many apps in my 3 years of using shopify and these guys are by far the most terrible customer support. I would never recommend this guys to anyone!”


- Free plan available
OnePixel is a pixel management and tracking app for Shopify merchants, focusing on platforms like Facebook and TikTok. It simplifies the process of handling multiple pixels and tracking data, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses.
Key Features of OnePixel:
Multiple Pixels Integration: OnePixel's intuitive interface eliminates the need for coding, making it easy to add and connect multiple pixels to your website. This streamlined process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on optimizing your ad campaigns.
Conversion-API Support: OnePixel supports the Conversion API for Facebook, Google, and TikTok, enabling accurate data reporting even in situations where iOS 14 ad tracking or ad blockers are used.
Flexible Event Tracking: OnePixel's flexible event tracking feature allows you to easily switch between product and variant IDs when sending events. This flexibility ensures that your ad campaigns are tracking the right information, leading to more accurate and actionable insights.

Positive Reviews

“Great app for adding extra pixels and analyzing data. Going to upgrade soon to add TikTok once we start advertising with them.”
“10/10 customer support, I've been stuck on an facebook pixel error the whole and couldn't figure it out, even contacting facebook themself couldn't solve the problem.”

Negative Reviews

“Very bad application and very very bad reporting. i was about to lose lot of money because of this application! Stay away!”
“SUPER BAD experience with this APP. Not tracking Page View and making my costs per click to the start. DON'T INSTALL IT!”


- Starts At 129$ / Month
Littledata tracks sales and customer data across different channels like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and social media.
Key Features:
Server-Side Tracking: For accurate data collection.
Wide Platform Integration: Works with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Ads, and more.
Better Ecommerce Data: Enhances the quality of ecommerce information.
Littledata offers advanced tracking to help you accurately understand revenue and the customer journey. It connects with GA4 and other marketing platforms for in-depth reports.
Using server-side tracking, the app optimizes marketing campaigns, provides detailed customer insights, and identifies valuable customer segments.

Positive Reviews

“Littledata is probably the only place to go in order to get all analytics data collected right. Support is fast and really cooperative.The knowledge and tutorials on how to integrate with various platforms for Shopify is amazing.”
“This app works well and has helped in get our data clean again post the iOS / Facebook issues. Our data is way more clean and accurate after using LittleData, no doubt about it.”

Negative Reviews

“Not much value in this app. Free trial does not provide much data/functionality. We've had problems for months getting everything to sync - still doesn't work. Customer service is condescending. Waste of money and more importantly, time.”
“The littledata app isn't tracking the events well. Some days it misses 100% of the events, some days it counts double. The biggest issue is that it is attributing the ads incorrectly. Sales generated by one ad is attributed to a totally different ad. The support is slow and useless. I'm seeking help with events on FB but they're tell me how to fix it in google analytics.”

Final Words

When choosing the right conversion tracking app for your Shopify store, it's important to start by identifying your specific needs. Ask yourself: What types of conversions do you need to monitor? What obstacles do you face in accurately tracking these conversions?
Make sure the app you pick supports your business goals. Do you need detailed conversion insights, straightforward tracking setup, or better integration with your existing marketing tools?
Your budget is another crucial factor. Find a balance between the app’s cost and the value it brings to your business, particularly in terms of enhancing your understanding of customer behavior and increasing your marketing effectiveness.
The best choice is one that not only meets your current requirements but also grows with your business, adapting to changing trends and supporting your ongoing success.
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