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Finding your next job - The Next Step Project
Steph's braindump section

User Testing Notes

Get rid of the links to sub-pages at the top? → 3 dots, hide sub-pages
How do I make the mentors page look like the job seekers landing page?
Can we add a little home emoji next to the page title (The Next Step Project)?

Things to review before launch -
Aesthetic: are the images we've chosen appropriate / reflective enough of diverse populations? (I know they skew heavily female but, I'm not too fussed about that tbh).
Is the text / formatting easy to follow?
Is the iconography appropriate?
Created content: does the text flow / is it easy to understand?
Is there anything major that we're missing here?
Is it too overwhelming to process - if yes, how might we streamline our messaging?
Is this reflective of all experiences, or does it ignore the realities of BIPOC?
Is there anything we can be more concise about?
Page structure: do the sections make sense or do we need to update any headers?
Linked content: are we including diverse voices, or is all the advice coming from one demographic (e.g., white writers)?
Naming: is our titling clear on different pages?
Reviewers + Feedback
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