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Making and leveraging connections

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2. The reach out

Sometimes you’ll get a direct introduction, other times you’ll be given someone’s contact info and asked to reach out yourself. Here’s how to handle your own intro.

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Context Setting

Make sure your email doesn’t just get sent to spam by:
Using a short but clear subject line (e.g., “Informational Interview Request - via [name of referrer]”)
Explaining how you got their contact information
Explaining your relationship to the mutual contact
Providing a short preview of your interest

Great tip from : Save the “to” for last. Write your email, proofread, and make sure you have it phrased exactly the way you want before adding the recipient. We’ve all hit “send” too soon and this is a good way to avoid sending your email before you’re ready.
Remember: Double and triple check that you’ve correctly written out the name of your recipient! Getting the name wrong can make or break an opportunity.


Now that you’ve given them a short preview -
Elaborate on what you know about their work and the connection to your interests
Provide a succinct explanation of your background

The Ask

Ask if they’re open to speaking and suggest specific times - including timezone. Indicate your flexibility / willingness to accommodate their schedule.
Consider suggesting a connection method up front. If you can, suggest a platform or connection method. If you can provide a video conference link or call them directly, offer!
Suggesting specific times and how to connect makes it easier (and faster) for a connection to respond and doesn’t put the burden on them.

The Closing

Close out the email. Keep it short and sweet.
Remember: Do your best to reply as quickly as possible once someone replies. Life can get crazy - but remember that first impressions matter too. Send a quick note to acknowledge and thank them - then make sure you follow-up. Not doing so jeopardizes the strength of this connection and your contact who facilitated the introduction.

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