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1. Getting in the right mental space

Before you start your search for your next role, make sure to take time for yourself first.

Why it matters

The job hunt can be anxiety inducing enough, without the added complexity and stress of a layoff. To be in tiptop shape when you do start your hunt, take the time you need to process and invest in your self-care.
This is especially important if you’re feeling the stress of added financial burden with lost income, impostor syndrome rearing its head, or negotiating the balance of taking time for yourself and household / caretaking duties.

What to remember

Take care of yourself
and . Do what you need to: physically, emotionally, and mentally. If it helps, use
as a handy acronym to ground yourself.
If you’re BIPOC, this is even more critical because self-care often isn’t necessarily the standard in our communities. As a reminded me, we’re , is how we cope and move forward in our times of distress. But we need self-care now more than ever to fuel our next steps.
Check out our More Resources section below for more on self-care.
You are worthy
Remember how incredible you are, how much you’ve accomplished, the lives you’ve changed, and that this has nothing to do with you.
Don’t rush the process
Give yourself space and time that works for you and your financials to work through the layoff and grieve.
You’ve got this
This is tough, but remember all the other times you’ve persevered - and that so many of us are here to help when you’re ready.

What to do

Invest in and
Remember that self-care and timelines look differently for everyone. Do what works for you and your situation.
Take care of the fundamentals
Identify your core support network to lean on
This might be ~5 folks to bounce ideas off of as you work through things.
Establish a
To bring structure to your days, , and keep yourself going. Set small goals for each day so you’ll be able to measure and see your progress.

What to leverage

Online Counseling: some companies’ severance packages include extended mental health support. Reach out to your HR contacts to confirm and ask for details on how to enroll.
: Headspace is offering a free year of Headspace Plus for those who are unemployed. Check out the site for more details and to sign-up.

More resources

There’s no shortage of great advice out there, but here’s a few other reads we found particularly helpful in laying out tactical next steps.
Resources on self-care & reflections
[The Memo]

General advice on do’s and don’ts after a layoff
[The Balance Careers]
[Intuit Turbo Blog]

Reviewing your finances

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