Ditch Debt for Good 💪🏾

Below are the steps we’ve used to guide our clients to pay down debt. Choose an exercise below to get started!
a pile of money sitting on top of a wooden floor
Determine if you can save money on interest or lower your monthly payment by consolidating your debt.
a note that says pay debt next to a pen and glasses
Snowball, avalanche, or emotional? Choose the debt payoff strategy that makes you feel best about your debt payoff.
white ceramic mug with coffee on top of a planner
Set a schedule you'll stick to, either with auto-transfer or reminders on your calendar.
woman standing and holding smartphones
Make moves that help you avoid falling into the debt trap again.
green and yellow hanging decor
Don't forget to celebrate your success along the way!
woman holding magnifying glass
Credit cards aren't all bad, and there are ways we can use them to our benefit. Set guidelines for how you'll use your cards using the exercise linked below.

Want to Pay Down Debt Faster? ⚡

Our clients pay down $5,000 of debt, on average, in just a few short months of working with their coach. That’s a 25x return on their membership cost.
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