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Tax Checklist

Nobody likes taxes, but getting your annual tax filing right is an important part of your financial health. Using this checklist, you'll be able to stay organized and spend less time!
Expected Time: 30 minutes
What You’ll Need:
📝 A folder to keep everything in


Use the the checklist below to collect information that you’ll need for your annual tax filing.
The following checklist is meant to serve as a guide. Please refer to a tax professional if you are unsure of what to include for your specific situation.

Checklist: Tax Filing Documents

When to use: When you’re preparing documents for annual tax filing (generally due April 15th without extension)
Social Security Numbers for all members of the household
Bank account and routing numbers if the client plans to pay taxes electronically or to accept direct deposit for a tax refund
Prior year tax returns and supporting documents
W-2s from employer
1099 if independent contractor
Self-employed income
Alimony or child support
Unemployment income
Any interest earned from savings or investments
Info Regarding Potential Deductions and Credits
Interest paid on mortgage or student loans
Charitable donation receipts
Contributions to tax-deferred retirement accounts (401k, IRA, self-employed retirement accounts)
Moving costs
Child care and education costs
Medical costs and receipts
Business expenses


Where do you notice gaps in your organization? What other systems can you put in place to make tax time easier for you?

Next Steps

Decide if you’re going to file your taxes with a professional, or with an online tool like TurboTax or HR Block. Get filing!
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