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Review Tax Status

Understand your tax status, and what it means.
Expected Time: 5 minutes
What You’ll Need:
💻 Computer with access to your company W2 platform

Why This is Important

It's important to be mindful of your tax filing status so you can include the correct withholdings and avoid surprises at tax time!
The information below is meant for educational purposes only, and cannot be considered investment advice. Consult with tax professional for questions on your specific situation.


It’s a good idea to review your filing status and withholdings early on in the year, or any time a significant life event (marriage, sale of property, etc.) occurs.
Follow the steps below to check on your filing status.
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✅ Identify your filing status at 👉


Is your resulting filing status what you expected? Has it changed from the prior year?

Next Steps

Now that you know your tax filing status, move on to calculate your tax bracket.

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