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Review Subscriptions + Bills

Look for areas to save money!
Expected Time: 20 minutes
What You’ll Need:
🖥 Your categorized spending in the dashboard
📝 Your journal and pen

Why It’s Important

Knowing where your money goes is only half the fun - now we get to think about where we want it to go, to meet your goals as fast as possible! You have two visual tools that will help you review your spending: the Spend by Category snapshot, and the Spend by Emotion snapshot. Follow the steps below to review both, and identify changes you want to make to your spending.


Step 1: Review🔌Utilities & Bills

Click on the 🔌Utilities & Bills category in your spending snapshot to see all transactions. Are the amounts what you expected? You may want to look for money-saving opportunities with unexpectedly high bills. Even if they are what you expected...
It’s a good exercise to pull your recent statements and review what you are actually being charged for, especially for bills like your cell phone and cable. You can also see if there’s a cheaper provider in your area, or a different service level that would fulfill your needs but cost less.

Step 2: Review 🔁Subscriptions

Once you’re done looking through 🔌Utilities & Bills, click on the 🔁Subscriptions category to see all transactions. What do you not use, that you can cancel? What do you love, and want to keep?

Next Steps

👉🏽 When you’ve completed this exercise, share your findings with your coach:
utilities or subscriptions to cancel or adjust


How did it feel to dig deep into those categories? What wins can you celebrate?

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