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Choosing a Financial Advisor

A financial advisor will use the brokerage they choose to hold your money, and buy and sell securities based on your investment goals. Their job is to make sure that your money is growing, in accordance to the guidelines you set for them.
It’s best to choose a financial advisor that is fee-only, meaning they don’t make money off of selling you products, and who is a licensed fiduciary, meaning they are required by law to act in your best interest.

Use the checklist below to find out if a financial advisor is right for you:

Are you comfortable with the brokerage they use?
Are their fees reasonable?
How do they report your investment performance to you?
How often do you meet with them?
What is their (or their company’s) stance on environmental and social impact?
What is their background?
How will you have access to them for questions in between meetings?
Who else will you interact with on their team?
What is their investment strategy and does it align with yours?
Most importantly, are they a fiduciary?

Here are a few financial advisors our clients have worked with in the past:

(investment advice + wealth management, fees charged as % of assets under management (AUM)
(investment advice + wealth management, fees charged as % of AUM)
(investment advice only, flat fee)

You can also choose a financial advisor near you using

Next Steps

Your next steps will depend on the financial advisor you choose to work with! You can also move on to the exercise to learn about asset allocations and diversifying your investments.

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