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Project Overview

The Automated Printing Machine interface is meant to enable a user to Print and Pay with ease , The following are the Interface requirements.
First Screen Awaits USB to be Connected
Second Display PDF Files in the PDF, Folders can be further opened
Choose a File to Print
Then Enter Print Configuration, i.e. Print Color, double side
Then Next Screen displays the bill
The bill can be paid in P2, P5, P1 coins, to make a total
There should be a counter when someone is inserting coins
After the total is reached, send print job to printer

Analysis of similar UI

After analyzing the system requirements , a clear similarity can be drawn between the APM and other automated service machines in other industries . Such similarity can be seen in the Prompt Base operation of the user interfaces ,loading in between input actions and their linear form of operations . So with such similarities noted , an analysis was carried out on Automated Bank Teller Interfaces . The main goal is to identify functionalities that are worth adopting .

Bank Teller User Interface


It simplifies and makes the process of getting cash straight Forward .
It is easily learnable and beginner friendly .
The ATM system is accessible , designing with accessibility in mind enables people with a range of abilities and disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with the product .
Besides being Very old and traditional , this system does not have a lot of prominent User Interface disadvantages .

Mood and Inspirations

Mood Board 1

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Mood Board 2

MOOD 2 (3).png

Mood Board 3

MOOD 3 (3).png

Definition Of the User Personas

After analyzing the system requirements , three questions were established to better understand the user
Who is going to interact with the interface ?
What do they do ?
What are their personal ,social and economic responsibilities ?

User Persona 1

User Personas For Portfolio (3).png

User Persona 2

User Personas For Portfolio (4).png

User flow

With my persona and system requirements at the forefront of my mind, I developed a user flow for 6 key tasks. These included, Connecting USB ,Choosing file or folder and Choosing print configuration
Below is a flow for what seemed like the most important feature for our users, based on insight gained from the system requirements . Printing a Document on APM.
Use Case (1).png

Sketch / Wireframing of the System Requirements

New Wireframe 1 (1).png

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