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Viking Research

Amillion Sweeney
We all have heard tales of blood thirsty monsters called Vikings but what do you really know about them? In this essay we will talk about them in detail. If we forget about our past we will repeat it and we do not want to repeat the Viking raids!

Common Misconceptions

If you wondered where the term viking came from it may have come from The Old Norse word of víkingr which meant raider or pirate and that word itself may have been derived from an older word contemporary to the viking. may have thought viking could be a genetic term but in fact it is not and instead is a people such as the Viking populations of Norway,Denmark,and Sweden. But they also mixed with the Britannic Islands.

You may have thought that Viking helms were horned but it is in fact incorrect they were a style called spangenhelm horned helms were ceremonial in a time before VIkings. You also may have thought that Viking warriors were only men but in fact every person in Viking society was required to know how to fight but furthermore women were raiders too as proven by “Bj 581” a Viking warrior burial and many argued it was a male but many tests have proved it was a female. The female warriors were called shield maidens the most well known shield maiden is Lagertha the wife of the Ragnar Lothbrok. If that catches your eye then just read the next portion!

Common Questions

Maybe wondered their society was organized in three groups thralls slaves or bonds men which had to work for a debt then there were jarls which were wealthy noble men tasked with the well being of the village then karls which were free people and landowners. Both men and women were equal in society both could own land or slaves.

Maybe you have wondered what religion they believed in it was pagan and polytheistic Old Norse Religion which can be traced to 500 BCE in what is now Denmark but Christianity took hold in Scandinavia around the eighth century CE. It is still followed today in much smaller numbers between 500-1000 in Denmark. This also added to the decline of the Viking raiding era along with the defeat of Harald III Sigurdsson in 1066 with less egalitarianism.


Now you know even more about the Vikings I hope you have enjoyed the knowledge because it will aid in any study. Now we know that Vikings weren't just blood thirsty monsters.

Here is some Viking style music turn on caption for english translation
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