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ITA Blocks

Intentional Time & Attention Blocks are short deep-focus periods + regular breaks = productive flow.
The magic of this set up has to do with intentionally choosing where your time and attention will be focused for each creative work session. To learn more . Save your own copy to use this template to increase your creative flow.
Each block starts by choosing your task, setting your intentions, setting your measurement goal and then starting the timer and racing the clock.
Top Three Frogs for (Date)
Frog 1
Frog 2
Frog 3
Task 1: (Briefly describe task)
Intention: (Are you brainstorming, outlining, drafting or crafting?)
Measurement: (Are you measuring by ideas generated, words written or pages edited?)
Start: (Where are you starting the project?)
Finish: (Insert when done)
Check in with yourself: (What worked or didn’t work? Did you have any roadblocks? What are the next steps?)
Set focus timer (minutes)
Set break timer (minutes)
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Right-click sliders to edit timers. Start a focus session. Once the session ends, take a break.
Start focus session
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Start new session

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