What I learned this week

Week of Apr. 10th

allows you to pluralize or singularize an object. I used this to change text that is dependent on an input value that a user can change. See below:
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Week of Apr. 3rd

reduce() method
As the name says, it can take a complex object (like an array) and return a simple object like a sum of an array of numbers
each_with_object() method

Difference between them and when to use them
Use reduce when you want to return something simple, like a total cost or other numbers or a string.
each_with_object is perfect for returning complex objects like arrays and hashes

Popper.js border on an arrow
using the pesudo class ::before and ::after I was able to create two arrows - one for the border and one for the main color of the arrow
I then applied a top margin to the main color arrow object (the ::after pseudo object in this case) and this pushes the arrow down enough to see the ::before pseudo object which is now the border
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