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LLTC - Language Learning Tracking Calendar

Designed to help you track your activities when learning a foreign language.
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, welcome to the Language Learning Tracking Calendar!

First choose the language you’d like to track:
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Can’t find your language? Check the Languages table below and add the language that’s not there yet. You can also set your own color for any entry.
If you’re learning more than 1 language at the same time, you can select another foreign language in the drop box menu above and add rows for tracking it, too. The table is sorted by the Date column, so, you’ll be able to compare how you treat different languages.

What are those: 📚 👂✍️ 🎤 ?

📚 — reading. It could be a book of your choice, world news or several minutes of reading social media on your target language.
👂 — listening. Be it an online radio podcast, a song, an audiobook - this all adds to your ability to comprehend spoken language.
✍️ — composing. Just a short text to your friends to know how they’re doing or a full-sized post or an email — and you can really feel your brain working!
🎤 — speaking. For some people that’s the most difficult of all, both in terms of organizing and performing. You could start with shadowing your favourite TV-show.
Feel free to add more activities that you practice regularly - just add a new column to the table!
You can also hide an activity column in case you don’t want to track it.
Note that the statistics below will work only for the preset columns - at least for now!

Now, click on
Add 5 days with the language you've selected above

How did it go?
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So, how did your day of learning go?
Once you’ve filled in those 5 days you could add more days and keep tracking your progress.

Statistics based on your tracking

Your tracking period up to today:
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Total days tracked up to today —
Language(s) tracked:
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Activities done —
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Below you’ll find the list of preset languages — feel free to add new ones and alter colours for entered.

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