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Rats And Landmines

The use of trained rats to find landmines has many benefits, including that the rats are too light to set off any of the bombs, unlike humans or dogs. To support this the article states, (27) “And unlike a human, a rat is too light to trigger a mine.” This information helps to explain that the rats would be able to search more efficiently, as they don’t have to worry about stepping on the mines.The rats also only search for the scent of TNT, as they know that they will get a reward for finding it. To show more about the claim, the author says, (27) ”Nisay, on the other hand, hunts only for TNT. This portion of text shows that the rats wouldn't have as much distraction or “false truths” as a human would, as humans use metal detectors, and those can be set off by almost any metal. That's how all of this evidence helps to support the claim that rats are more efficient at looking for landmines than humans or dogs.

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